NHRD Conference 2016

7th Dec 2016 Student & Faculty Conference

NHRD National Student & Faculty Conference 2016 was an exclusive student-faculty event facilitating knowledge-exchange and project-information. Organized as a part of NHRD’s endeavour to engage student-faculty nationwide, the conference brings together participants and audience from prestigious management schools in India. They discuss key industry topics, build perspective on contemporary topics, focus on new ideas and their development and identify pathways into a brighter future.

Featured Events


GURUKUL gave an opportunity to students and faculty members to listen to highly impactful interactive sessions from persuasive speakers from the world of academics, consulting and corporate.


i-Talk was a platform presenting a diverse range of speakers including students, faculty & thought leaders who have inspirational stories to share, these are people who are making a difference to the lives of others with their extraordinary ideas that changed the world around us.

i-Talk is a world of words. The speakers are people who challenged the world with their ordinary minds to create extraordinary results.

 Big Debate

The Big Debate was a platform for the great speakers and presenters to bring forward and fight out verbally on various current topics like demonetization etc.

It was one of the most enticing and powerful events of the day where the speakers sparked a light on the faces of the jury as well as the audience.

 Eagles Nest

 Eagles nest was an initiative of NHRD that would  provide you the platform to pitch your idea to Investors!

There were investors ready to invest in any good idea which would be huge in the future.

 Student Participation

Sincere thanks to our professor Dr.Venkata Reddy who was a constant source of motivation for the students and a guide too as and when required. He was the person behind getting ISBR students on the list of NHRD.

There was an active participation shown by students from the college.

Students like Mihir Rai, Tejasri, Shweta Chowbey, Kanna Kannada, Aditya Kedari, Gauree Bhave, Chaitali Desale, Mary Aneeta, etc. were selected as a part of the core committee of the organizational process through a rigorous interview course.

Sharon Angel and Rahul Pandey were selected as the Masters of Ceremony for “The Big Debate” held on the 7th December in the Christ University Auditorium.


Mr.Sanjeev Mehta, Chairman & CEO, Hindustan Unilever Limited was invited as the Chief Guest and the keynote speaker.

i-Talk involved many prominent speakers like Mrs.Santy Sajan, Mr.Rajdeep Manwani, Mr.Rahul Kapoor, Mr.Santosh Kaveri, etc.

Gurukul Sessions were conducted by renowned speakers like Monica Shah, Girish M, Alok Gupta, Jay Bhuva, TripatPreet Singh, etc.

 8th & 9th December 2016 HR SHOWCASE

A signature event of NHRD, the NHRD HR Showcase was shaped to bolster the enduring spirit of HR practices. It was a unique trade show style event for HR professionals to present their most impactful HR practices & initiatives; where they could learn about practices in other organizations, network with peers and compete for the coveted Grand HR Showcase awards.

ISBR Business School too had a stall at the HR Showcase where the students and faculty members of the college were the brand ambassadors of the college. Faculty members like Mr.C.Manohar, Mr.Abbas Ali Uppin, Mr.Padmanabhan, Mr.Venkata Reddy were present at the HR Showcase to support the students.

Students like Pamela Chakraborty, Likipa Chakraborty, etc. were representing the college at the stall.

Atul Ugale and Abhinav Biswal were volunteers for the Main Conference where there were prominent speakers like HG Gaur, Gopala Das, Mr. Anand Kripalu, Mr.Steve Correa, etc.

Sameeksha Sharma, Samir Shukla, Niyoosha Baradari, Rahul Chatterjee and Rahul Pandey were amongst the volunteers in the HR Showcase.

 The whole three days of the NHRD event proved to be very useful for the students of ISBR who got great exposure to the corporate and great networking.


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