NHRD –“A Business Survival Mantra”

Our very own treasure NHRD showcase was held for 3rd time, majorly sponsored by Titan. Dr. Martial Goldsmith prominent HR Coach in the world stole the show by sharing his diverse experience in HR practices. To match the global requirements and drive their companies to success many top notch CEO’s from various organizations were part of this module. We had an opportunity to witness the show. We had healthy interaction with dignitaries from various specialized companies like Café Coffee Day, Himalaya, WIPRO Ltd, Manipal Hospitals etc.

An active participation from more than 75 companies was recorded, we as the management students got to learn the cultures practiced in the organizations, their existence and how they strive to be employee friendly, which in fact serves as an important vitamin for the company’s wellbeing and the employees.

If the employee is not healthy and productive the desired results and satisfaction levels are not up to the mark. That’s the reason there’s a saying “A customer is God” .TO reach him we need to focus on our guru i.e. employees. The companies suggested a carry away tip that any organization needs to be employee friendly and not profit oriented as, this motto will fetch the desired profits for the organization as well as serve the needs and essential minerals for the employees. This showcase was surely an add-on to develop ourselves and compete globally.

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