Mentorship Challenge III- Startup Spirits

Mentorship Challenge III- Startup Spirits

It is the age of entrepreneurs and youngsters are not satisfied with a 9 to 5 job. They want to do big, reach the distant stars and not be limited. The earnings have taken a backseat and they focus more on ideas and innovations, money surely follows as a by-product.

ISBR students are no different and keeping this in mind on 6th November 2016, ISBR organized an event “Startup Spirits”. This was the third “Mentorship Challenge” which was definitely the most exciting for all the students who attended the event and participated with high anticipation. This event has been a success as in previous challenge (Start Up spirits) students from ISBR were rewarded for their start up ideas and one such idea ‘Bake My Wish’ ( is currently a successful startup with funds from the judges.

There were 21 teams from both PGDM and MBA. Three teams from each mentorship group presented on three categories (viz. Successful Innovative Startup, Failed Startup and The Next Big Idea). The esteemed panel of judges included  Mr. M C Abbas (Chairman, Cincinnati International), Mr. Prabakar (Director, Mumbai Stock Exchange), H R Krishna Moorthy (AGM, SEBI), C V Ramanan (Ladder Consultancy-Founder & CEO), Arya Rajesh Kumar (CII-YI – Fomax Co-Chair & Founder), Sanjeev Sukumaran (Sherpify-Founder & CEO), Kaplana Srilalitha (Prabhakaran- DATAkue-Co-Founder), Susmita Dutta (Faircent-National Head- Lending Faircent), Akash Chander (Strengthscape-Principal Coach & Assessment Expert) and Aslam Hirani (Edtech Startup and Agile Coach-Founder & CEO). Our Sponsorship Companies included Abhayahasta Multi-Specialty hospital – Dr. Aparna Baliga, DNI Home Theater- Mr. Alex and Rhodium Power- Mr Salman.

The winners of the event were team Wabi Sabi (Next Big Idea) and team Nebula (Failed Startup) and team Xanthrons ( Successful Innovative start up).

The entire event was a grand success as there were healthy discussions between the esteemed judges and the aspiring students. Mr. MC Abbas even guided the students on how to present well by giving insights about TedX talks. Overall it was an event to cherish and a huge success.

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