Mentorship Challenge 2: Book Review

MBA or PGDM is not just a degree or diploma but it aims for an overall development of a person in all the aspects. ISBR too believes and works accordingly towards the wholesome development of all the students. Book reading habit enriches each and every person and can do wonders. Lessons learnt from a good book cannot be measured and is a treasure.

Recently on 6th October 2016, ISBR organized a Book Review session for the MBA and PGDM students under the Mentorship Challenge -2. These challenges are thrown at the students every alternate week and it focuses on enhancing a student in all aspects. This particular challenge was similar to their previous Movie Review challenge. The objective of the Book Review challenge was to encourage students to review a book of their choice through management perspective.

Each mentorship group from MBA and PGDM batches went through a selection process and total 8 teams each representing their mentorship group presented the detailed review of the book of their choice in front of the jury on the final day. The books selected for the final round were: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Devil Wears Prada, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Who Moved My Cheese, The Alchemist, The One Minute Manager, You can Win and I bought the Monk Ferrari. The students presented their reviews in the most creative way possible which included short skits, placards besides the power point presentation. They evaluated the books putting on their management spectacles and mentioned the management lessons learnt from the book. The efforts were clearly visible in their work and each team did an exemplary job.

The eminent jury consisted of authors like Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Mukund and Mrs. Ramya evaluated each review on the basis of opening theme, selection criteria of book, presentation style and team work etc. The book Who Moved My Cheese reviewed by Phoenix mentor group was declared as winner amongst the 8 teams.

The event was a great success as jury appreciated the efforts of each team. Everyone especially student got enriched by the learning experience. It was an evening to cherish for a long time.

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