Marketing Carnival is an event organised by Marketing club which brought the organizing, marketing and managerial skills of the students and it laid a platform which allows students to put acquired knowledge into practice.

The event took place on 7th October, 2017.The students played the role of entrepreneurs, geared up business with a limited capital, registering their stalls, marketing their products, finding unique ways of adverting. This process took place for a week and on the day of marketing carnival, students came up with their innovative ideas, products, games like Photobooth, Spin and Win Game, Misalpav, Esprique, Kulkki sarbath, Handmade Artifacts, Secret Admirer, 7 Up and 7 Down, Angry Birds with lovely hugs, Housie and Coin games. Students competed for making high profits and winning excellence certificates. Students were rated based on their ideas, decoration and presention skills by the judges. Finally, the 7 Up and 7 Down was a big hit and made huge profits.

The whole event was designed in such a way to make the students understand the concepts of marketing, business, accounts and its applicability in the real world.

Learning outcomes:

  • ‘Learnt that every business is risk involved and requires some business techniques to be used. Investing without planning is useless’, by Anusha Meda
  • ‘Always plan and concentrate on your target market, that could definitely bring profits’, by Ramya Sativada
  • ‘Learned how to attract customers and how to boost profits’, by Atish Nair
  • ‘Learnt that we have to make Customers not just sales’, by G S Pavan
  • ‘Learnt how hard it was to convince and attract customers’, by Deepak Sharma

Prizes and participation certificates were given to encourage the winners and participants. This was followed by many activities like Secret messages, Paper dance, Balloon dance which was filled with fun and frolic. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students.

Contributed by:

Ramya Satvida

PGDM (2017-19)

HR Club


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