Lohri – The Bonefire Festival,Celebration at ISBR Business School

Lohri Celebration

Lohri Celebration


ISBRians came forward to celebrate Lohri with enthusiasm at amphi theatre on 15th January 2016. Lohri also known as  the bonfire festival, denotes the last of coldest days of winter.  Generally, it is an accepted fact that this festival is celebrated to worship fire.

In the evening, with the setting of the sun, huge bonfire was lit in the college campus and students came together to celebrate the true spirit of Lohri. They gathered around the rising flames, circled around (parikrama) the bonfire and threw puffed rice, popcorn and other munchies into the fire. They also sang and danced to popular folk songs. After the parikrama, they exchanged greetings and distributed prasad (offerings made to god). Coloured rangoli, desi clothes, lighted fire, blooming decorations were the niche of the celebration.

The rituals and celebrations associated with Lohri are only symbolic of a common thanksgiving to nature as represented by the Sun God, and in the process, the festivities embody a spirit of brotherhood, unity and gratitude, with lot of happiness, goodwill and cheer.

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