“Connect with Leaders who create Leaders”

” Thoughts are magnets that energize possibilities, and attract the circumstances and people we need. “- – Ian Fari

Today on this day the ISBR Bangalore witnessed a great voyage of thoughts in the form of Leadership Development Programme organized by the HR Community. The LDP is an annual event hosted by ISBR under the leadership of Prof Preeja Sreedhar where in  a series of events are held in collaboration with the industry experts to enhance the skills sets of the students and the faculty members.

The voyage started at 10 AM with the inaugural and key note address by Motivational guru Ian Faria father of Miss Earth 2010 Miss Nicole Faria. He empowered the audience with his thoughts on leadership and attitude enhancement with a simple but effective example of a black balloon also rising in air and demonstrating that what you have inside matter not the outer side or outer colour. His talk bought a new wave of energy and enthusiasm as he believes-For friendship: smile & share, For relationship: love and care and For Leadership: empower & dare.

The second remarkable event was the panel discussion on “the need for creating leaders with competency, capabilities, creativity with a human touch- a challenge”. With the panelist Dr. Balaji Sr. HR Manager SIEMENS, Mr. Sandipan Mitra Entrepreneur Just eat & Hungry zone; Mr. Amit Punjabi Sr trainer Sankalp academy: Mr. Amar Rajan Psychologist MindCarter : Ms Satya Employment Engagement Officer Sasken : Ms Uma Sreedhar Sr. Faculty IBS & corporate trainer : and Jacob Kurien,HR Partner IBM. The panelist brainstormed on the topic and focused on the human touch in leadership is a must to create a good balance in the business. And human touch is also about authenticity and honesty. They had also put emphasis on the presence of mind for an effective leadership.

The session resumed with the release of VOICE the magazine of ISBR Bangalore by Sangeeth Varghese- a world leadership thinker. The day later witnesses some of the enriching sessions by Mr. Athikkal an NLP Trainer and a simulation session by CBT trainer Ms Shobha Managoli The programme was concluded by a cultural program presented by the organizers as a tribute to all the unsung heroes in the world.

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