International school of  Business and   Research (ISBR)  celebrates  7th  september as their  “ISBR DAY”.The institution was established on this very same day by Prakash kothari and Manish kothari.It is an  auspicious day for all the ISBRians,when th birthday of Mr. Prakash Kothari is also celebrated. At ISBR ,the focus goes beyond education.It aims to prepare students for life-with new innovative ideas.

For the first time ,this year in 2014,the college organised a cultural carnival for a week from 1st September to 6th setember 2014.The entire carnival was based on the theme of seasons .So the students dressed accordingly in different colours .The full week went on with different talents of dancing, singing, mime and skits.

Thus ,on 7th september ,2014, ISBR day started with the inaugaral address by Shri Menahe Kanafi-consul general of Israel .He threw light on business styles in Israel and encouraged students to take up managerial roles in startup companies there.

The chief guest for the day was Shri Sunil Rao-country head,start up ecosystem India, Google India.The guest ,made us aware of the new technology of “Google Glass” ,which became available to the public on may 15th ,2014.

The ISBR took the pride with Shri Kishore Jain –Managing  Director of Jain heights and structures in  releasing the magazine “ISBR VOICE-2014”. The magazine was circulated among all the guests. Also,  Mr.Manish Kothari –MD and chairman of ISBR,  honoured the star dignitaries for the day along with other authorities for “Teachers Day” felicitation.

The evening of ISBR day was enlighted with the appearance of guests from different fields of fashion and music. Shri Manoviraj Khosla –Ace fashion designer –guest of the evening was honoured by the MD of the college . He was one of the first persons to emerge into the world of fashion .Among the guests was also present –“Girish and the chronicles” –  one of the famous rock bands of India and also Anjana Padmanabhan –Junior  Indian idol winner 2013. The young girl took away the hearts of the audience with her melodious songs and lovely voice.

The later half of the evening  was carried on with cultural events and distribution of prizes to the students based on their performances . The grand finale of the carnival ended with the winning team of neha and garima with the trophy of “Dancing star”and Jerlin Biju  won the trophy for her extraordinary talent show in singing.

It was a great honour for all the members of this institution to be a part of this great ceremony. The family of ISBR eagerly waits for the next year ISBR DAY celebration to come up with more fun and merrymaking.

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