ISBR Convocation 2017


The International School of Business Research (ISBR) held its convocation on 1st July 2017 at its Electronics City campus. The management institute which was set up under the aegis of the 27-year-old Bangalore Education Trust conferred degrees to 235 MBA and PGDM graduates from the batch of 2014-16.

Mr. D.H Shankara Murthy, Chairman of the Karnataka Legislative Council who was the chief guest of the convocation in his commencement address to the students said “As the Minister for Higher Education I got to be a part of many convocations but this one is special for both you and me as India is changing today. This is a historic day wherein the Goods and Service Tax (GST) which is set to change the country will come into effect. India is being recognized as a leader in many things.”

Speaking about how India is gaining worldwide recognition, Mr. D.H Shankara Murthy said “India is being recognized as a leader in many fields. Yoga is one of them. The whole world celebrated world Yoga day which only shows how India is gaining recognition”

Urging the students to dream and fulfill their dreams Mr. D.H Shankara Murthy recalled an incident during a convocation ceremony he attended with Hon’ble Ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wherein Dr. Kalam asked a young gold medalist if she ever had dreams and when the girl didn’t respond he prodded her further by asking her loudly if she had dreams the girl replied with a ‘yes’. Dr. Kalam said everyone needs to dream and a common dream was to see India as a developed nation by 2020.  Citing this incident, Mr. D.H Shankara Murthy urged the students to dream and try to make those dreams come true.

Mr. R Shivakumar, President ASSOCHAM, Karnataka, in his address said “It is a precious day for both you students and the nation. The one nation one tax principle of the GST is a step forward for India. You have reached here because of the support of your teaching staff. Congrats to you all.”

Award of Eminence was conferred on Dr. Deshpande V Rajkumar, Neurosurgeon, Fortis hospital, Bangalore for his contribution in the field of health care. He is one of the top most specialists in neurosurgery, who is globally acknowledged. He has performed thousands of critical surgeries and taught hundreds of Post Graduate students and Research Scholars in Medicine.

Dr. Rajkumar V Deshpande who received the award in his acceptance speech said “I am thankful to ISBR for bestowing upon me this honor. I am privileged to operate upon the brain, which is the most important organ. The ability to think is what separates man from animals. Think well, think good, even ISIS thinks but that’s not thinking in the right direction.”

Speaking about how important it is to try and fail than not trying at all he said “Each time I operate on someone I try. I have failed in saving lives, yet, the next day I have to go do what I have to do. Be willing to try, never stop, each time you fail, get up. Teachers always ask us to succeed but I ask you to fail because trying is important.”

Mr. Manish Kothari, Managing Director, ISBR group of institutions and BET group of colleges, Director of Oxford College, Hubli in his address urged the students to inculcate the habit of giving back to the society. “Learn to appreciate the people around you. Appreciate even the smallest of the small people. It could be your watchman, an office boy or anyone. It will mean a lot to them and the smile you get in return is priceless. Always be ready to serve the society. Spread positivity and goodness wherever you go,” he said.

Dr.C.Manohar, Dean, ISBR who gave the annual report opined that ISBR is where it is today only because of the students and their faith in the institution. Speaking about attaining the Platinum Institute tag Mr. Manohar said “ISBR has attained the Platinum Institute tag under AICTE – CII survey of 2016 which is an achievement as all MBA colleges in the country compete for the tag.”

Mr. Prakash Kothari, Chairman, ISBR group of institutions, Director of Globus builders and Mr. Manish Kothari, Managing Director, ISBR group of institutions and BET group of colleges, Director of Oxford College, Hubli presided over the convocation ceremony.

Also present were,  Dr. R.S Ananda Ram, Senior Director,  CEO, Dr. Chandra Niranjan, Dean –Academics, Dr. Karpagam, Director- Academics,  Mr. Nanaiah Pattada, Head, Industry Relations and Mr. Abbas Ali Uppin, Head, Corporate relations.

Other events that took place during the convocation: 

 Release of ‘GEMS’

‘GEMS’- An ISBR dossier which entails success stories of ISBR alumni who have made an impact in their organizations in the last 3-5 years was released during the convocation.



The launch of ISBR centre of Executive Education– The centre is being established to offer executive education programs, corporate training programs and faculty development programs for strengthening the HR development endeavors of Industry and Academia.

The launch of ISBR Incubation Centre – An initiative of ISBR and its alumni in partnership with industry bodies and law firms to promote entrepreneurship and nurture start ups including advisory services and business support services in the formation of business enterprises, professional firms, legal and regulatory compliance and documentation. Dr. Deshpande V Rajkumar launched the ISBR incubation centre.


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