Everyone wants it but few are bold enough to do what it takes to make that dream a reality. It is the hunger to achieve and to create an impact on the lives of many is what an Entrepreneur possesses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, in a significant speech on his priorities in tackling the economy that, more and more young entrepreneurs should come up with ideas which would help India to become one of the developed countries. He spoke about the “Four Fold Way” to growth “The Green, Blue, Saffron & White revolution”; Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry took an initiative to encourage the young entrepreneurs of the nation to bring about this revolution. They organized the 7th edition of “MANTHAN a Business Plan Presentation Competition” which is a platform for all the students who aspire to convert their dreams into reality.

In this competition two students of ISBR came up with a project about Green Revolution where they used all their classroom learnings about managing and starting a business into reality. They went through rigorous workshops and nerve wreaking elimination rounds over the months to reach their goal. They competed with more than 250 students from different colleges having different skillsets and extraordinary ideas to achieve their dream.

It was a moment of pride for ISBR when the two students of 1st year PGDM, Debjani Bhattacharjee & Ramakanth  Jaiswal went up to be the top finalist of this competition and not only presented their plan of creating “Best from the waste” but also impressed the jury and the top investors to win a funding for their project.

As Late CK Prahlad said, “Entrepreneurs are the new freedom fighters and can lift India out of the shackles of poverty”. ISBR encourages and supports every initiative to convert dream India into a reality.

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