Industrial Visit to KHMDL (Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices Limited)

Industrial Visit to KHMDL

Industrial Visit to KHMDL

An Industrial visit was organized by ISBR B School on 15th Nov 2016 to Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices Limited (KHMDL). It is an Electronics company specialized in design, development and manufacture of custom-built Hybrid Micro Circuits for aerospace, automotive and other high-reliability applications. It is also approved by ISRO for manufacturing space grade hybrid devices. They also have an approval from HAL for Avionics Assembly.

KHMDL was established in 1992 by three scientists with a new design of electronic regulators. The design and the raw material of these products were imported from Russia for Indian Defense and Satellite Communication purposes . They also manufacture regulators for ISRO.

Students met Mr M. Radhakrishna, Deputy Plant Head and Chief Quality officer with more than 20 years of experience in design, manufacture and quality assurance of Hybrid Microcircuits for automotive and aerospace applications. The company staff gave warm welcome to students. They explained each and every component and their manufacturing process in a very detailed manner.

Nearly 240 to 250 employees are working in company. All are trained from NTTI. The products were manufactured using micro printing. They also shared that they are planning to expand their business and increase their business turn over. Students were further informed that they created their Good Will in automobile sector, by supplying their regulators to all car companies in India. Their R&D Dept. ensures stringent Quality check of their products.

Students learnt some business techniques also from them. Its a very great learning experience. Whoever has some business idea must visit KHMDL to get the know-how to run a business in a very successful way.

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