ISBR gave us the opportunity to visit THE PRINTERS (MYSORE) PVT. LTD on the 25th August, 2014. There we came across the various processes involved in the printing of newspapers and their distribution in the market- starting from unwinding of the paper rolls, printing of the newspapers to the packaging of these newspapers.

This plant at Kumbalgodu prints seven different types of daily newspapers and two Kannada magazines. Out of all these one of the most popular newspapers Deccan Herald which is said to be “one of the top ten newspapers in India” is printed in this plant.

In this visit we came to know about the marketing strategies adopted by them which involve open market survey through which they can estimate their production capacity per day and also the profit earned. We also learned about the average production cost of each newspaper and their selling price in different market.

 Overall it was a good and interesting learning experience




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