An industrial visit to Moogs Control at Electronic city Phase 1 was organized by our institute on January 21, 2015 for about 20 students from all the batches of our institute

Moogs was the first company in the electronic city to setup their offices and started their operations. It is a foreign based company producing various products for Airlines Industries, for Cars, Simulations systems, Machines for Dentists and several other revolutionary products which is being used as an internal process for completion of the activity

They are operating in more than 20 countries, here in Bengaluru they have 4 registered offices out of which 2 of them are in Electronic city, the office in electronic city is dedicated towards producing Motors for various machines depending upon the requirements and loads of the machine. They even produce motors according to their customers needs. The company gives high value towards their employees, by employing both Man and women in the same Ratio.

Our visit to Moogs was made very easy by the Moogs mentor as our mentor was trying to connect the working of the factory with our practical study of MBA and PGDM, this made us to grab a very close knowledge about how a factory operates and how one can implement it in a real life.

We learned about stores management- how materials arrive from the supplier, how all the materials are kept in a store according to the importance and frequency of use.

Waste Management – the materials which are not required, still carries importance in the form of scrap value.

Stitching of threads inside the motors and pasting it with a adhesives to make the components strong, the painting and labelling of the motors was shown to us and finally the packing and transportation of the motors to the customers

The visit was ended with a motivational speech by our mentor who told us to implement all the learnings in real life and spread knowledge to all the potential learners to make our Indian youth more informative and challenging for their better future

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