12 February 2014, the first industrial visit of the second semester, the day we were all looking forward to. Finally, it was the much spoken about Coca Cola factory visit. We were given a tour of the factory from the raw material to the quality.

The tour had begun at the water treatment facility which provides safety barriers meeting international and domestic norms. The sand, activated carbon and UV filtered water is then sent forward for further processing. “All the raw materials that go into the syrup are tested and then sent into the syrup maker” said our guide pointing to what appeared to be one of the biggest boiler most of us had ever seen. We had also seen the bottle making unit where the trademark PET bottles are made from its “preform”. Further in our tour we had witnessed a sight where technology and magic harmoniously meet in union, the bottling plant. Watching gallons of the fizzy drink flowing out of tanks, filling in the unending lines of bottles as far as the eye could see was a sight that painted a smile on each of our faces. The devil is in the details so goes a saying, but out there we had seen that the delight is in the details. The quality Check team pays attention to every tiny detail, from the raw materials to the finished product and its shelf life. The priority given to the details is what probably makes Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. what it is today.  The best part of the entire tour to most of us was when we had all been served with our favourite soft drinks! It was all in all, a day of learning and a day of fun, a day we will all cherish.

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