One of the top most beverage companies we have visited ensures that how it became a huge market leader not only in India but also in the world economy as well. As they say “Be Really Refreshed”, they served us with the beverages of the day. As we moved into the manufacturing units the management of it is of course commendable and talking about the quality check they follow the long process in ensuring the high end quality products. In terms of the mixture of allegation of the product before it gets delivered into the market for final consumption they follow their own various principles and tests. They have different units for different manufacture of the beverages. The purity of the container as well as content is strictly monitored by microbiologists at every release of a batch process. We witnessed the manufacture procedures, the various stages of packaging, storage methods, and high quality check procedures. The whole work place in and around the plant are divided into different zones and tagged to a specific color. This way they followed and maintained high safety specific zones. They had this innovative zonal specification for easy identification for any worker or a new entrant or a visitor even.

On the whole the visit made us understand how important quality check plays a crucial role in any platform be it manufacture or IT services or any other. As a management trainee it was helpful in way to be very much alert about the quality of his deliverance.


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