Six days of wisdom

Entering in the auditorium as complete strangers, and then after the 6th day leaving it as the best of the friends.

Our orientation class started with a formal introduction of each student, where we got to know the different diversities from where we were, people from every corner of India have come to ISBR for pursuing their higher education.

DJ started the introduction with an amazing motivational speech  about “being an eagle not a ostrich” , this was followed by a exercise in which every person has to tell 3 truths and 1 lie about himself . it was really nice to hear, a different exercise just to know the hobbies of the person.

Then DJ explained us what innovative thinking is, and to demonstrate it he told us to make a basic identity and what one can do, many ideas came, like building an online Tecko page, a weekly ISBR news letter, waste management etc.

Then for the second day, DJ teaches us how to boost our confidence and stand in front of the public, he introduced a concept called the ice breaker, where each student have to introduce himself in a different manner, we came to know a vast amount of information, knowledge and experience that one possesses, then he also taught us stage manners and how to represent ourselves.

The next day leadership was the point of concern ,, we got to know the different types of leaders , they are the alpha, omega, beta , social ,inspirational etc ,, and through that we were told to produce a particular play , we were divided into 6 teams.. and we performed it.

On day  we came to know the importance of a team ,, and what is team work ,, we demonstrated it with a play which would constitute of a new and innovative product which would be valid in every sense ,, be it application ,, cost ,, capital ,, usability etc ,,, it was a tough one but we did our best.

The next day was one of the post important topic creativity ,, it was an amazing one ,, we were decided to do a particular play and the time to prepare it only 3 mins , then we were given chits and told to form a thing , be it a pressure cooker , cockroach , dinosaur , it was amazing.

The last day DJ taught time management and then it was time for us to demonstrate what we have done in these days, a FUNCTION that is to be done in less than 15 hours, we were given departments and we worked on that on day 6 we performed it. It consisted of every aspect we learned in these days, DJ directed it beautifully, and we as a team did a wonderful and splendid job.

Thanks DJ and ISBR for such a programme

These were our six days of experience


ISBR Students




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