HR ATELIER: Workshop on HR Toolkits

ISBR recently conducted a workshop called HR Atelier on the 13th of April 2013. With participation from various colleges and in-house students, the event was a successful one.

Today’s corporate sector cannot function without their integral HR department and keeping that in mind the concept of having a workshop on tools required in HR world was conceptualized.

We had dynamic HR professionals like Dr Balaji HR head of Siemens, Ravi Parthasarty from Peoples Plus consultancy, Sreejith Krishnanan L&D, Infosys and MrJohn Bruno from Team Lease for the Guru Talk on HR toolkits like performance management, training and development and Selection, hiring and recruitment.

The guests spoke about how important it is to have good HR skills in today’s corporate environment. They spoke about real time HR scenario and deemed it mandatory for everyone to develop HR expertise.

There were four sessions lined up for the day with guru talks by these eminent HR professionals from the corporate.
Session 1 was a talk on performance management by well known Dr Balaji, HR head from Siemens. He spoke on SLF which is the ‘Siemens Leadership Framework ‘and how this basis of working in their company proves beneficial or their employees. He stressed on the fact that performance matter and for that they make sure that their employees all well trained and up to date so that the company does have to resort to ‘ hire and fire’ policy.
It was a highly enjoyable session that educated the young managers of tomorrow to enhance their HR skills and understand what performance management is all about.
Session 2 was an extension of session 1. The guru talk was by Mr.Ravi Parthasarthy from People’s Plus Consultancy who again emphasized on the importance of performance management, KPI and KPE in the world of HR. His talk was fun and audience engaging which the students found highly relevant in today’s day and age.
Session 3 was on training and development in today’s HR scenario and how companies go about doing it. This talk was given by Mr Sreejith Krishnan from Infosys where he is currently the part of their education and research team. He stressed on how important and necessary it is to train and develop HR professionals and whether HR is one’s major or not, one should develop their HR skills.
Session 4 was by Mr John Bruno, Sales Head Assessments, TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd. He addressed the students on how Selection, Recruitment and Hiring are done. That was the toolkit he said ends up changing anyone MBA student’s life as one’s career follows that path. He explained to students what temping and permanency in hiring is all about.
All the sessions were highly engaging and student oriented in their delivery. With participants from various colleges the event was a successful one.

Prof Kirti and Prof Dipti were the faculty who were involved in every aspect of planning this workshop and gave students a free hand at handling the event.

The event was hosted by Rashi Sharma, Anjan Srivastava, Pragati Singh and Amrita Nair. Santosh Deepak Dasari was the overall in-charge of the media with reporters Rashi Sharma and Suhansini Rahaman and Mathew Felix and Vishnu were the student coordinators.

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