How Do I Apply To ISBR Business School In Bangalore?

Opting to study business management at ISBR, the top business school in Bangalore is an exciting decision – and not one to be made lightly. The intensive courses offered here requires dedication, hard work and forgo of personal choices, but will, of course, be hugely rewarding too. Before enrolling, here are the three key points to consider:

Whatís my long-term plan?

A business degree will open doors to new prospects, give you an edge in the competitive industry, and help you advance within your chosen career or help you settle into a different industry. Thus, itís important to think of what you want in the future and further advance it using the preparation you received to your best advantage.

Do I wish to improve my leadership skills?

Among many other skills, studying for MBA/PGDM will teach you how to manage people effectively in a business environment. As such, itís useful to have a prior interest in leadership.

Do I have sufficient experience?†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Ideally, as a management degree student, it is a given that you should possess some real-world industry experience, and have a good, basic understanding of how business works. Having a prior work experience is an added advantage but, freshers too are welcome to enroll if they have an innate sense of business and management. With the increasing hunger of Corporates seeking to hire managers, a plethora of job opportunities are cropping up which require a specific skill set to sustain at a management level. Graduates who have successfully completed their education are considered the right candidate for this course.

Why study MBA/PGDM at ISBR?

ISBR is ranked as the No. 1 under New Generation B Ė Schools of India by DM B-School Survey; therefore, studying with us will position you among the business elite. Our PG programs are developed by leading business academics, and we work alongside businesses to deliver a degree that will take your career to a new level altogether. Our vast experience of developing study programmes, allied with our individual approach to business education, equals a tailored and effective MBA/PGDM that is uniquely placed to assist you to achieve your business potential.

With our distinctive MBA/PGDM programs, the quality of your experience is matched by our unrivalled approach to learning:

  • Proven: ISBR has been ranked as one of the Top Institutes of the country in a recent survey by the Dalal Street B-School Directory.
  • Unique:We offer exhaustive learningís through our vast selection of PGDM programs.You can choose our flagship PGDM, or Global PGDM, Weekend PGDM, PGDM-One Semester Abroad, or One-Year PGDM
  • Practical: PGDM studies enable you to apply your learning to your workplace straightaway.
  • Convenient: Our unique learning method and innovative use of technology enable you to study at home or on the move.

The Application Process:

ISBR is happy to offer support and advice to help you with your application, making the process as easy as possible. The application procedure to ISBR is dependent on the course of your choice, and whichever course you apply to, dedicated help is available.

Eligibility for PGDM 2-year Program:

Graduates(with 50% aggregate marks and above) in Bachelors/Master Degree from any recognized university from any discipline are entitled to apply.

Eligibility for one year PGDM Program:

Candidates with 40% percent marks in aggregate in Bachelorís / Masterís Degree from a recognized University are entitled to apply.

Admission procedure for MBA / PGDM in 6 easy steps:

  1. Fill the Online Application Form here and make an online payment of Rs. 1000/- towards the application form fee.


  • Download and fill up the application form. Keep in mind to enclose all the necessary documents in the application form.
  • Attach a DD of Rs. 1000/- in favour of ĎISBRí payable at Bangalore/ Chennai.
  • Send the duly filled Application form with attachments to the Campus of your choice i.e. Bangalore / Chennai
  1. You will next be invited for group discussion and an interview. For the interview schedule of batch 2018-2020, click here. For interview confirmation, click here.
  2. On selection, you will be given an offer letter containing instructions on the further completion of admission process.

We recommend making your application a three-stage process:

The selection process at ISBR is a cumulative assessment of a candidate through his/her application,† right from applying for the ISBR- CAT ( or other management tests), group discussion and personal interview, based on various parameters such as academic background, communication skills, attitude, extracurricular activities, achievements if any and finally the test score.

  1. ISBR Written Test– Plan to sit for ISBR CAT 2018 examination, commencing on 21 January 2018 or clear MAT – Management Aptitude test, ATMA – AIMS test for management admissions, GMAT, XAT, CMAT or any other state entrance tests like ICET, PGCET, KMAT, TANCET etc.
  2. Group Discussion– Under this round, you would be given 50 topics to choose. You may make an Oral / PowerPoint presentation on the chosen topic for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Personal Interview– The panel will interact with you on an assortment of topics such as academics, family, background, general knowledge etc.

On selection, you will be handed the offer letters enclosed with instructions on the further procedure to complete the admission process. For further clarification contact 09845100510 / 09444334755 or email

ISBR is the most elite business school in Bangalore and itís known for its highly accredited programs, globally-recognized degrees, cosmopolitan environment, and exciting work opportunities both during and after your studies. ISBR is a quality choice on several levels. Naturally, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching: our pedagogy and students come first. Needless to say, our qualification is also attractive to many employers. Youíll also be attractive to employers because, being an ISBRian, youíll stand out from the crowd of conventional campus-based university graduates.So, if youíre ready for an opportunity, we have the right platform for you. Join ISBR and be an asset to the business industry.


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