Fishing represents a lot of things. It could be a sport. It could be a hobby. For one person, it represents his whole life and passion. For Victor Bharath, whatever lessons fishing has taught him, it has become an important theme in his life.

            Victor Bharath is introduced as Director of Operations & Business Development for Aerospace Defense Security Space (ADS). It is a trade organization which represents the entire aerospace, defense, and security industries in the UK. He represents all the operations and development which happens at the Indian office in Bangalore. He is introduced by Principal Prince Martin who was a former student of his. He is basically from a place called Anantapur, a small city in Andhra Pradesh. He did his UG in Christ till his calling was MBA in UK. Both his parents are currently staying in Anantapur while he and his wife are staying in Bangalore.

            His talk with the students was not so much about his job and what he does on the job. Nor did he talk about which specialization is good for us in MBA. He talked a little on that. He talked very generally with us about life. He told us that whatever we wanted to achieve in life, it was through the lessons that he has learnt through his experiences, not some advice on what each specialization has to offer and which one is more preferable. Firstly, he correlated fishing with some important lessons like patience and perseverance. He told us about the process of fishing and how much the materials for it cost. He also told us that not always one will get the best fish or result every single time. It takes time and patience and when one has that, and then one will see the results immediately. He showed us a video of his life in the past 10 years about where he has fished and what he has caught in the various fishing trips over the years. There is also one more theme about taking risks. It is shown when he jumps from a height to catch the fish. It shows that if the reward is big and good, then the risk is worth it. The video also showed about sharing your victory and reward with a partner. It was a reference to his wife also catching a fish with him. He also talked about appreciating your parents in regards to how he was when he was growing up. He told that in college he never took life seriously and was always never considerate of his parents. Now, he finally sees his mistakes and appreciates them even more. He has seen the sacrifices they have made for him even if it took a toll on her mother’s health.

            Even though the talk was very general, there was a lot of fishing analogies made about how one approaches life. One thing he said that with friends, it is good to be always giving and self-less. Whatever a person gives, he gets it back more in return. Another thing is that there is a lot more reward in waiting than getting it right now. If the time is good, then the reward will be good. So do whatever you want but if you want to achieve more have patience because the wait will be worth it and so will the reward be worth it.

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