The spark of choosing our career Postulates our every personal Charisma Right from our attitude, knowledge and especially the training and Guidance that serves as the main vehicle for taking up a job or rather setting a career for ourselves.

30th March 2013, a day special in ISBR calendar, because of the presence of eminent guests who enlightened us on CAREER GUIDANCE.

The program was enriching with The Plethora of Knowledge and Personnel on Offer.

The first speaker was Mr. Suresh Thiagarajan – a professional with 26 years of experience in quality control and more than 12 years of experience in The IT industry.

Mr.Thiagarajan Gave an overview of the rising IT industry and its diverse Scope for MBA Students with over 200 MBA’s working in More Than 500 top fortune companies.

Next came Dr.Winston Jacob, A certified Chartered and accredited Professional consultant with a proven track record spanning forty years. Thirty three of which have been in Papua New Guinea.Basically on HRM Guidance being an advisor to the Indian Human Resource Institute.Mr. Jacob gave had a Very interesting equation to share on the relationship of human resource with Learning. He explicitly repeated that learning is diverse and never ends. His equation of learning was something like this

L=P+ (Q) q

Where L= Learning

P=program Knowledge

Q= Qualitative Questioning and Questioning.

He also marked a statement saying that “Human resource is no more human resource but lifelong learning.”

Next, the stage was taken by Mr.Dinakarmurthy Krishna an Industrial Production engineer basically a Manufacturing Specialist and also a qualified Master Spirit Life coach, results coach and business excellence assessor.Mr.krishna related the Manufacturing Industry to other fields of specializations like Finance, Marketingetc. Besides he spoke about creating World class companies and Exceptional Leaders.

Last but certainly not the least was Mr.Sanjay who spoke about the various prospects of career for MBA’s in hospitality and Healthcare.

The session ended with an open Interaction with students bombarding the guests with their queries and the panel replying aplomb.

The session was enriching, enthralling and energizing .The students left the hall with a sense of pride and knowledge knowing what they needed to do for fulfilling their career Objectives and with a clear view on employment opportunities.

To sum up it is right to say it was a knowledgeable day in the temple of knowledge ISBR. J

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