Guest Lecture by Mr. Shiva Kumar (Head HR – IBM)

ISBR Bangalore had immense pleasure to share some thoughts of Mr. Shiva Kumar – Head HR of IBM India on 8th August 2014. It might have been just a two hours session on Human resources and managerial skills, but it seemed that it carried on for almost a decade.

“Self confidence : nature or nurture?”

A nice way to ignite the puerile hearts of newly joined MBA students, who are on the verge of building castles in the air with their hearts full of hope and aspirations.

Coming from a remote village and being raised among cows and barren fields, Mr. Kumar knows exactly how to sow seeds of courage and utopia in the young souls to bear fruits of SUCCESS.

“DREAMERS” , “WATCHERS” and “ACTIONERS” are the three sectors of students according to the guest. The attitude in every individual should be “ I AM AN ACTIONER !” and not like dreamers who watch others to climb up the ladders of fame and fortune. When actions are changed into habits, there paves ACHIEVEMENT!

MR. SHIVA threw light on “ How to become a strategic leader?”. The answer to this is “SUCCESS IS AN ICEBERG”. Icebergs that we see are formed with a lot of preplanning as follows:

  • Strategy
  • Objectives
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Aspiration
  • Desire
  • Detailed road map

Hence , if one possess these “7 Habits” of Stephen . R Covey, as said by Mr. SHIVA KUMAR, that individual is sure to get through the pillars of EMINENCE.

So, as we see, ISBR was blessed to have with them the precious time and concerns of MR. SHIVA KUMAR ,and they express their gratitude towards him for sharing his managerial experiences with the blooming managers of this campus.

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