Guest Lecture by Mr.Pruthvi Nanjappa

There was a guest lecture organized by ISBR for its MBA and PGDM first year students on the 22nd of October 2016, delivered by Mr.Pruthvi Nanjappa.

Mr.Pruthvi Nanjappa, currently the Vice President – Human Resources – India & North America, Ness Technologies, is a very dynamic, open-minded and interactive professional with whom the students felt an instant connect. A 1998 pass-out of XIME-Bangalore with Finance as specialization, he chose to pursue a career in Human Resource and he made it huge there. With a work experience of over 2 decades with giants of the industry like Novell Technologies, ANZ Operations and Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Intel and Microsoft, he has a vast ocean of knowledge essential for the students aspiring to work with similar companies.

The session begun by the welcoming of Mr.Pruthvi Nanjappa by Dr.Karpagam T. , the acting Dean Academics of ISBR and a short welcome speech by her.

His lecture laid emphasis on simplicity of expressing oneself in the market. He quoted examples from the industry where peoples perception can help a company either grow or slow down. The best example given by him was that of Patanjali, the brand that is endorsed by Baba Ramdev. He explained how the brand controlled the reins of the market by endorsing the products through an icon like Baba Ramdev, a very handy name in most of the Indian houses today and how it is sending jitters down the spine of big players like Hindustan Unilever and Procter and Gamble Co.

He also gave an insight of his own personal career where he was not perceived well in the beginning years because he switched his field but how eventually he was successful in changing the perception of those sceptical people and proving his mettle. Persistence is the key to success and of course a strong sense of self-belief.

His lecture was quite magnetic because of the subtle wit he had in his presentation style. He chose live examples from among the students and guided them how they can use their skills and personality to get that extra edge in their career.

Finally, the stage was set open for the Q&A round where the students came up with a few extremely critical and also exciting questions which were answered brilliantly by Mr.Pruthvi. He explained so patiently that most of the students found their solutions without even asking their questions.

Overall the lecture proved to be quite fruitful for the students and the takeaway for them was magnanimous.




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