Guest Lecture -‘Role of innovation in Management’ & ‘Management in software Engineering’

In the series of guest lectures, we had the opportunity to attend lectures by two eminent people from the corporate world.

The first lecture was given by Mr Rajarshi Mukherjee. The lecture topic was ‘Role of innovation in Management’. It covered all the innovative ideas and strategies that are going in the market. We were suggested to think creative, innovative and specially thinking ‘ out of the box’.

The second lecture was given by Mrs Pritha Chatterjee. She covered the topic ‘Management in software Engineering’. It was really an honour for our students to attend such lectures. She taught us simple corporate cultures in a very practical way. We played games, did lots of role plays and learn by fun. The session was overall interactive and interesting too. The glimpses of real corporate world and the present challenges which are going in the market were explained to us in simple ways. The lecture taught us how to overcome and how can we make a difference in a society just by
thinking ‘OUT OF THE BOX’.

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