Global Investors Summit [ GIM ]

Global Investors Summit (GIM) is a biennial summit held by the Government of Karnataka in Bangalore, India. The event is aimed at bringing together business leaders, investors, corporations, thought leaders, policy and opinion makers. Encouraged by the outstanding response to the Global Investor Meet (GIM) in 2010, Government of Karnataka (GoK) organized the 2nd Global Investors Meet (GIM) 2012 on 7th & 8th June 2012 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC). Government of Karnataka is committed to play the role of a catalyst and facilitator to maintain the State as India’s preferred investment destination – and the Global Investor’s Meet is an initiative in this direction.

The objective of the Investors Meet is to showcase the investment potential of the State in various sectors. The summit witnessed the participation of Prospective Investors, Industry Leaders, Governments, Trade Bodies & Associations, Entrepreneurs, and Academia & Research Institutions.

Focus sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Automobiles
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial Infrastructure
  • Information Technology
  • Minerals
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Textiles
  • Tourism
  • Urban Infrastructure


Considering the golden opportunity provided by GoK ISBR initiated a brand building exercise and focused on key areas for international collaborations. The turn key areas were Education & Research Collaborations, Business Plans, Knowledge Partnerships, Corporate Training, Industry Partnerships international associations and Business process Innovations.

ISBR in order to promote the above ideas had put up an active stall in the Hall no 3 (Education and R&D Section).The whole idea of branding was divided into 3 core activities i.e., 1. There was an ISBR Media team”i news” consisting of 3 members who were ready to cover all events at the GIM Expo.2.There were students who were lined for various sector level seminars that would happen in the GIM Expo & who would actively participate and gain the necessary skill and knowledge.3.There was one more team at the stall which would felicitate the visitors and attend to their queries . To help all the above activities the ISBR corporate team created an innovative visiting card which was larger than the normal visiting card and was multi colored depicting our intentions at expo.

Day 1 ( 6th June )(Inaguration of GIM)

On 6th June with the advent of Chief Minister the GIM Expo was inaugurated in the afternoon at about 2 pm and was made available to public. At ISBR we had a unique opportunity of meeting the CM at very close quarters and even had the opportunity to invite him to our stall and campus. The media team had covered the inauguration and also the meeting of CM with our Corporate relations officer Mr.Abbas Ali. On the first day the although the crowd was not as large as expected but it was consistent. We had a lot of visitors from across the globe.

The media team was able to interact with Mexican, Japanese and Canadians to name a few, these interactions were quite fruitful. The B2B meetings had stared by evening specially the Japanese delegation had signed a few MoU with companies in Bangalore. Our Media team had done a vivid coverage of all these events. By evening at around 7 pm the show began to close and we had left the pavilion by

Day 2 (7th June)

On the second day  whish was again marked by a welcome dance performed by Folk artists at the entrance of Hall no 2 , The CM again inaugurated the meetings and the tempo of the expo was raised with speech of Mr.Narayanmurthy and other giants from the industry .These industry people had intellectual debates with govt regarding the investment scenario in Karnataka and what can be done to improve it., The crowd on the second day had picked up as the day progressed  the seminar rooms were full with attendees and our students were present in most of the seminars trying to gain as much as possible. The response at the stall was also immense with lots of potential enquiries from corporate and other institutions. After lunch the Expo had gained momentum the seminars were in full swing with the industry giants and the members of GoK interacting with each other. Our media team had covered the events fruitfully with all the corporate and govt people together. By evening to relax there were cultural programmes organized by the GoK for the guests and our media team had done justice there as well The day was called off by 8 pm.

Seminar Details :

Transport Infrastructure, Jacaranda Hall, CC

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Engineering & Automobile, Hall 3 Upper Level

Chemical, Petrochemical & Plastics, Business Conclave, Hall 2

Day 3 (8th june )

On the 3 rd day of the event the crowd was in full swing the enquiries had crossed over200 by afternoon  the seminars were also in full swing with full attendance from our students who willingly participated in all the events , the media team had left no stone unturned to cover all events .Our visiting cards had reached  the pockets of most of the visitors and were also found in the bowls of all the stalls. Even the seminars where ever there was an opportunity cards were exchanged. The day and the event was closed by 5 in the evening

Seminar Details:

Industrial Infrastructure, Jacaranda Hall, CC

IT & ITeS, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Skill Development, Hall 3, Upper Level

Housing & Urban Development, Jacaranda Hall, CC

Tourism, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Aerospace and Defense, Hall 3 Upper Level

Power, Jacaranda Hall, CC8 June, 2012: Textiles, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Agro & Food Processing, Hall 3, Upper Level

All the details that were collected were passed on to the corporate relations team at ISBR for further analysis and follow-ups.

Over all it was a unique opportunity for GIM ISBR Team to expose themselves to such a huge international event of this scale. It provided new learning’s and gave a new dimension to the thoughts of management in a brave new globalized world. The students had good time with guests and they also did not miss any opportunity to gain knowledge. For students it meant application of all the knowledge that they had got from the classroom. The event was quite enlightening.

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