Gargi Roy ( ISBR Alumnus) – Presently with TATA Group

“My name is Gargi Roy, I saw lot of colleges when I was choosing for my higher studies i. e MBA, but I felt that this college will give me a higher exposure towards industry. Once I came here, I got to know I have made a right choice. I made lots of friends, I met wonderful faculty…. And of course I did made to TATA Family…. because of ISBR. I am working with them now and ISBR has given me lots of exposure that I was able to break through Tata Interview. The faculty are wonderful, they are very loving and apart from their knowledge, they share their personal experiences to fill the gap between practiceand theory. They are wonderful and they have become a lifelong friend. We love our library. I would say it has out of syllabus books also. I would give you one example called “The Argumentative Indian” by Amartya Sen, that one book still remains in my memory. I would say the library has added a lot of value. I had been shot listed to go IIM, Bangalore, for a dance event for the ICRA consortium (the brick consortium), again that was opportunity provided by ISBR. That would be my biggest achievement of the memory of the life time. I am working with TATA as Branch trainer; I train on process and product. ISBR would be a stepping stone for anything that would be ahead in life.”

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