“Follow Your Dreams.” – Ms. Sakshi Vij (Entrepreneur, ISBR Alumni)

ISBR Alumni Sakshi Viz interview

ISBR takes pride and value its alumni fraternity. Lets dive into the conversation with our one such Alumni, Ms. Sakshi Viz who is carving a niche for herself by setting up her own business and moving ahead against all odds.

Q1. Tell us about yourself?

A. Hi i am Saakshi Vij. I am a graduate in Business administration and a Post graduate diploma in Marketing from ISBR B School in year 2015. I am currently the Founder and Director at SAASUD CREATIVE OPC PVT LTD which is into Jewellery.

Q2. As you mentioned your start up, we would like to know about how did you come up with this idea ?

A. I always had this hobby for designing jewellery and did a few assignments during graduation. It even helped me to earn some pocket money.  What I didn’t know that I would develop this hobby as a passion and make it a career.

When I decided to start something on my own, I knew it had to be in this field. Although I was very happy with my job at Zomato but still the satisfaction factor was missing in my career.

Q3. Tell us about your company?

A. We manufacture and retail gold Polish, gold plated , 925 silver, semi precious stones and bead jewellery.

Our organization has been founded in 2016 and currently has one retail outlet in a mall at Gurgaon and also supplies products to various stores across India in cities such as Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

We also take part in exhibitions where we display a very unique collections. Currently we have a team of 4 designers who do the designing part for our jewellery, me being one of them  and the manufacturing for these are done by specially and differently privileged people.

We are currently at a growing stage and hopefully target to supply our products all across the globe. We are working hard towards an online platform.  Our official website is  http://saakshicreations.com/You can even find us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/creationsbysaakshi

Q4. There are so many companies in jewellery market. What is your strategy to differentiate your product and lead the competition?

A. Our specialty is one product one piece so that the owner of it has the privilege of wearing something unique which is rare to find anywhere else. Also we emphasize  a lot on the weight of the jewellery. We try to keep them as light as possible without any compromise on the design and look.

Q5. Lets talk about your college days @ ISBR. How did ISBR made a difference in your life?

A. ISBR has played a major role for my growth as it taught me how to fight with one’s own weakness and help me to be a strong individual.

I met some people at ISBR who can actually be termed as bffs (Best Friend Forever) or even more than that. The faculty was very supportive yet encouraging at the same time. A few speakers at the guest lectures were exceptionally good and very motivating. Altogether it was a very different, nice and encouraging atmosphere at the campus.

Q6. Would you like to share any memorable moment @ ISBR ?

A6. There were many. It is difficult to mention one. But if I had to choose it would be the ‘Samanvay 2014’ where we organised it for juniors and the theme was minions. It was worth an experience to see everyone from MBA and PGDM came together and shared their ideas and created it, executed it and displayed it   with so less time. Everyone forgot their sorrows and dealt with each other in a matured manner which resulted in a successful show.

Q7. What message you would like to give to your juniors?

A7. Definitely study but in the process don’t forget that you need to enjoy as well…It’s good to bunk classes at times.

Just follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy. Only then will your work be a passion and not a job.

 Sakshi, whole ISBR family is so proud of you and wishes that you keep inspiring us all ..!

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