The economy depends about as much on economists as the weather does on weather forecasters.

-Jean-Paul Kauffmann


There is always something interesting in store for us ISBRIans. We are always looking for a way to push ourselves to be better and ready for the industry. On this note the Finance club members at ISBR organised an event on 24th of March 2014 called CONCURSO FINANZAS, which in literal sense means financial quiz. This event witnessed huge participation of our own financial enthusiasts here at ISBR, who were tested on their level of financial knowledge and abilities over a series of rounds and eliminations. The event started with 17 teams competing against each otherand were judged not only on their technical proficiency but also their knowledge on the economics and general awareness.

The audience present to witness the event played a major role in making this event a grand success. Their encouragement, enthusiasm and support was undeniably the highlight of the event.

Any event for that matter is incomplete without a mix of entertainment we also had severalsinging and dance performances in between rounds to keep the crowd pepped upand the Host of the evening, Prof.Sailesh.V.Karadi wonderfully involved the crowd to keep them boosted up and motivated throughout the evening.

The competition was extremely challenging and after several rounds and tie breakers top 3 teams were awarded as winners of the event. It was a delight to see this kind of participation and enthusiasm amongst the student and would love to see this level of energy and excitement for many more events to come.



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