‘Experience Work Day’ by ISBR students @ Adecco

Experience work Day @ Adecco

Being located in one of the most urbanized belt of the country packed with industries, companies and IT parks has its own perks and ISBR misses no opportunity to make the most of it. ISBR organized a one day visit to Adecco India on 25th April, 2017 for the students of MBA and PDGM 2016-18 batch.

Adecco India is a leading HR solutions company with a focus on Executive Search, Recruitment, Training & Learning and Temporary Staffing Services to client organizations and it is the largest HR solutions company in India.

The visit was actually an initiative of the Adecco Group called ‘Experience Work Day’. With an aim to help young job seekers overcome the challenges they face in finding and landing good jobs, they dedicated 700 branches and offices in 46 countries, on April 25, to help, guide and advise young job seekers on their ‘way to work. ‘Experience Work Day is part of The Adecco Group’s ‘Way to Work’, launched in 2013, to tackle youth unemployment and skills shortage, develop young people’s employability and help them enter the world of work.

Thus the main objective of this tour was to provide students with the opportunity to meet various working heads in the company, predominantly HR industry professionals and engage in knowledge sharing sessions while getting an orientation to the available career options within the industry. Students from both the batches including three senior faculties were able to witness the working environment in Adecco India.

Right after reaching Adecco India located in the old airport road of Bangalore, the students were segregated among various groups based on their preferences like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, etc. The groups were addressed by the company representatives from respective fields. Firstly, they gave a brief about Adecco India and also gave insights about their working; what and how exactly the things happen in reality at ground level. They spoke about how the transition from school to work and making a decision that affects their future careers is one of the most intriguing phases in young people’s lives. With growing global youth unemployment, that transition has become all the more fraught and how exactly do the students need to address these issues and find a direction towards better.

The sessions were interactive and students were welcomed with their inputs and ideas. Post lunch after a brief session of each group it was time to conclude and at the end, a query session was also organized where the students got an opportunity to interact one to one with the representatives and the company heads. The discussion was not only limited to their working and functioning, but also forayed into other areas like job prospects and careers for the students in future. Adecco India CEO, Mr. Priyanshu Singh addressed the students and shared some light hearted moments with them. He also welcomed the students for internships with them. This was followed by a group photo session with all the students, faculty and the company heads and employees. Students took back a unique and educating experience with them when they left the company at close of day.

Being a part of the marketing team, i would like to share my personal experience too.  we were taken to the cafeteria @ Adecco where we had coffee. It was then followed by an intriguing session which was regulated by the Marketing Communications Head Miss Sonakshi and their Digital Marketing Head. They briefed us about the company and talked about the key concepts and terminologies in marketing in detail. Several questions were pitched in and they were happily answered by them. They started off the entire session by probing into the students and their thoughts by asking how do you differentiate sales from marketing and explained how exactly the co-ordination happens between all the departments that lie under the bigger umbrella called marketing! The session was brief but had a lot of takeaways for the students.)

Rahul Kalita

(Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club) 

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