ETHNIC DAY Celebration @ ISBR

Ethnic Day @ ISBR

On 22nd April ISBR students hosted a colorful event called “Ethnic Day” to celebrate and rejoice the culture and values of our great nation. The event was conducted to bring out the tradition and moral values that we as Indians have learned as we grew up. The event was conducted to celebrate our Indian pride.

On this occasion students came dressed in ethnic attire. While the boys looked handsome and dashing in their kurta pajamas, girls melted the hearts with their colorful saris and ravishing kurtis.

On the whole, the event was celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. The event was held in auditorium and included Fashion show, Singing, Dance and much more. It was a boisterous atmosphere where the students and faculty enjoyed. It was a sight to see all the students participating with much energy that too in their ethnic attire.

The programme was started with a warm welcome done to all the students and the volunteers who did a great job in conducting the show. Then Shashi Michael (MBA Batch 2016-18) gave her voice to a beautiful rendition of “My Heart will Go on” from the movie Titanic.

The performance was mesmerising and soulful. It was followed by the electrifying dance performance by Himanshu Sharma (PGDM Batch 2016-18) who made the crowd go mad with his Punjabi dance moves. In her performance, Kiran Jhala (PGDM Batch 2016-18) impressed everyone by doing a traditional rajasthani folk dance .The dance was serene and beautiful and reflected the aura of Rajasthani culture.

The main attraction of the ‘Ethnic Day’ was fashion show which was a grand success due to the large number of participation by students. It was a treat to see participants walking on the ramp displaying their lovely attire with confidence. The show stealers were the students from Andhra Pradesh who wore white lungi with black shades.

At last whole of the auditorium was converted into one big dance floor where all the students came together and danced.

Overall the day was awesome with students rejoicing to their fullest and the event will be etched as a good memory deep into our hearts.

– Aviral , PGDM ( 2016- 2018)


(Member of ISBR Media & Writer Club)

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