Delegates from Foreign Universities

A Plethora of Opportunities for the right aspirants

ISBR Business School, Bangalore has been passionate about creating an impact in the field of education.  At ISBR, we have always created a breeding ground for identifying the right potential and developing them.

Here is another venture by ISBR Business School to create a plethora of opportunities for developing our students into better professionals. We had a team of foreign delegates representing different universities in our campus on December 11, 2010. The objective of their visit was to give opportunities to students to explore better avenues. Of late, there is an importance of revamping the curricula and the pedagogy to meet the demands of the changing economy. The impact of globalization has been a positive catalyst for the education sector and we have been lucky enough to cater to the demands of our students.

The following universities were approached to make presentation about their perspective:

•          Student University, Netherlands

•          American university of Sharjha, UAE

•          North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, South Africa

•          University of Manitoba, Canada

•          Sam Houston State University, USA

•          Fayetteville State University,USA

•          The Indus Foundation, India

The discussions revolved around the students and Faculty exchange programme, their admission processes, curriculum, pedagogy and other aspects related to their universities and of interest to ISBR.

It was a proactive and interactive session to deliberate topics of interest with Foreign Delegates. The   faculty and students of ISBR actively involved in this. The session concluded with questions from the students and answers from the delegates.

Several MOU’s were also signed between ISBR and International Universities.

Certainly this paved a path of glory to all ISBRians.

To conclude with Robert Frost: “The woods are dark and lovely. But there are promises to keep & miles and miles to go, before I sleep”

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