Dasvidaniya – Farewell 2016


ISBR campus was glittering with all the debonair boys and gorgeous girls on 7 May 2016 for DASVIDANIA-The Farewell. The theme for the day was Indo-Western. Red carpet was laid out to welcome all the seniors at 5 pm at ISBR Business School Auditorium. Juniors prepared well for entertaining all the seniors. The junior batch showcased dance performances, skit, a spectacular guitar performance and a very emotional video of the moments spent in campus by the senior batch.
Testimonials were shared by seniors on their experiences that took place in the last 2 years of their journey.
Farewell was bid by giving them saplings as a token of remembrance by Prof.Shailesh & Prof.Reema.
Prof.Shailesh also spoke about how he felt as the batch so close to his heart was leaving.
Dinner and dessert was served in the cafeteria after the event.

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