The 2nd of September paved the way for another day of cultural fun at ISBR campus. The theme for the day was Summer for which the entire campus was covered in a fetching color of bright yellow, IT he teaching and non-teaching staffs along with the students were dressed in bright yellow which brightened up the whole campus. It was not just the campus but rather with special emphasis on the thought Summer leads to Smiles. The program began at 2:00 pm in the College auditorium and consisted of a varied number of creative talents ranging from a Mime on Married life to Social causes, Humor & Smoking in public. There was also an On-spot Ramp walk for a selected number of participants. Additionally, talents such as Mimicry, Stand-up comedy & Skits were also showcased. A talk show of Arnab Goswami, Solo singing performances, Duets, Group singing & Guess the day followed suite. At the end of the event students who believed they were the best dressed were invited on stage and were asked to share one of their dirtiest secrets and win a chocolate. After which the floor was left open for students to let their hair down and enjoy the peppy numbers. The event was extremely entertaining and did bring about some really amazing talents. The program came to an end at 5:00 pm.

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