CSR Activity [Diwali] at ISBR

Diwali the festival of lights was celebrated on 23rd October at ISBR Bangalore.  The event of the auspicious occasion was supported by the CSR and other members of the college.

The members of the club went out to reach all those people who are not so privileged to celebrate Diwali or any such festivals. All the peons, securities and other staffs of ISBR who work for the ISBR family saw the light of happiness coming their way when the CSR club took the initiative to distribute fire crackers and other sweets among them and their family.

Not only that ISBR but also the other slum areas nearby showed their gratitude towards these same members when their little children got the gifts of crackers which almost every normal child of their age demands or long for.

ISBR Bangalore is blessed with a club like that of CSR which tries to reach out to everyone at every corners of the society and helps them to bring about a smile on their face with every little activity they can come up with for the society.

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