Chronicles of a TEDx journey ft. TEDxISBRBangalore


What began as an easy-breezy discussion among few friends sitting in an apartment talking about all possible walks in life one can imagine, slowly transformed into a deeper and more meaningful conversation. That’s it. It all began from there on. The light-hearted discussion that day led to an idea which took a shape and mutated into a purpose of what we call it now TEDxISBRBangalore!

We needed a platform and that was provided by TED and TEDx program. To explore what lies beyond those configures that we are made to believe in and live by, is our aim. And not just explore but we consider it as a journey which is not bounded by the restrictions of those established set of attitudes and existing bounds of the society. Change is the only constant in the world today and the rate at which it is happening is alarming. Any field be it art, science and technology is under disruption. So we thought why not build our event in such a way that every aspect that form the basis of our existence today gets realized for our audience. And also anticipating what could lie tomorrow in the future. For this we themed our event as Rubik’s which represents six fundamental aspects with six different outlooks for life.

Words can inform, influence and make people aware. Such is the power that it can make or break the best and the worst we witness around us every day! When words are spoken and the listener is able to fit his psyche into the perspective of the speaker, an impeccable connection is established between them and that bridges the innovators with the innovations coming underway. The results are phenomenal!

India is huge with over 1.3 billion people residing in it. It is packed with ideas and ideologies and a blend of diverse culture and heritage. This makes India unique and dynamic. So many possibilities exist but the only catch is direction! That is all which is required first up. Thus we are constantly trying to build a community where India’s most curious souls and thinkers come together and share their stories, ideas and wisdom for a progressive today and an even better tomorrow.

TEDxISBRBangalore vows to not just create a platform but to provide its audience with newer perspectives and understanding towards the existing methods and systems.

Eight speakers from different realms of expertise and Four performances from renowned artists will engage the audience and will provide them a never-before experience. The stage is all set at Jagriti Theatre, Bangalore on 10th March, 2018.We all want to find our purpose of being on this planet but the question is, how? Let’s find out together!

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