Pinning Ceremony 2014

The Pinning Ceremony of the Executive Council of ISBR Batch 2014-2016 took place on the 27th of September 2014. Executive councilors of the various clubs were inaugurated on that day. New members were added to the 11 clubs of ISBR which acts as the core of the college and manages the various activities and central functions that would take place over the year. The clubs included Cultural Club, Case Study Club, Corporate Networking Cell, CSR Club, Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), Finance Club, HR Club, IT & Media Club, Writer’s Club, Marketing Club and the Sports Club.

The ceremony began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty with a mesmerizing prayer song.

The occasion was graced with the presence of our honorable Shri. Manish Kothari- Managing Director ISBR, Dr. K S Anandaram- Senior Director ISBR and Dr. C Manohar- Director ISBR as well as our Chief Guests for the day, Mr. Aravind Jadhav (IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka, Dept. of Taxation), Mr. Sarabhjit Ghose (Chairman, Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce) and a member of the ISBR Alumni Association, Miss Aarthi Balaraman (Senior HR, Technosoft).

Our Star Invitees included dignitaries from Bhavani Industries, Siemens Technology and Tejas Networks. Remarkable speeches were given by the dignitaries as well our Chief Guests on the importance of Leadership, Responsibility and Commitment through their own experiences that captured the attention of the audience and motivated them.

The selected students of Batch 2014 were pinned as the New ECs as they took the pledge to fulfill their duties with due commitment to their badges. The cultural Club was awarded the best club for the year 2013- 2014 and the day ended with each club left with a challenge, to perform at their best and contribute towards the college activities for the forthcoming year.

Navratri Celebration

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga. The word Navaratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshiped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or “Dussehra” (Dasara). Navratri is an important major festival and is celebrated all over India. Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated twenty days after Dasara.

This year, ISBR Business School celebrated the festival of Navratri with the students and faculty for the first time since its inception in the college auditorium on the 27th of September. One week before the festival, the students, under the guidance of their faculty, got together to organize a special program for the occasion.

Mr Manish Kotari MD, ISBR and Dr. C. Manohar, Dean ISBR were both present for the function and led the gathering of students, faculty, teaching and non-teaching staff during the Jay Aadhya Shakti pooja at the beginning of the program. This was followed by the famous Do Taali Garba dance in which the organizers led the audience in a series of exciting and rather physical dance steps around a beautiful pandal built in the center of the auditorium. After the Garba, students were given a pair of dandiyas and asked to assemble around the pandal for the Dandiya, another famous tradition of the festival where people get together in pairs and dance using their dandiyas. There was no choreography involved as everyone simply followed each other as they moved in a circle around the pandal playing with their dandiyas.

Next came the Sanedo dance in which everyone got together in groups and began dancing to the songs and music being played. Some audience members got together on stage to click photos against a lovely backdrop prepared by the organizers for the program. This was followed once again by the Jay Aadhya Shakti pooja to close the ceremony and proceedings for the evening. The entire program went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed the celebrations very much.

Inauguration of One Year PGDM

A new start needs god’s grace. The program started with ganesh vandana

Light signify; to start , power , knowledge , passion.

And the inauguration ceremony was a start for the power of knowledge to build passion in the students.

To give a new start in the life of new students there after ganesh vandana there was lighting of lamp by the guests.

Dimension of development and transformation process speech , to introduce the development and changes needed for the new world of the students where they are coming to get started in a new way was given by senior director of ISBR DR.Anand ram.

Creating leaders, passion in learning speech , to convey the importance of leaders and leadership in the management was given by our chief guest Ramaswami.

Presidential address given by M.D Manish Kothari.

Felicitation ceremony started , to congratulate the guest and the faculty for their presence and encouraging speech for the new student.

The day ended with the vote of thanks by principal Prince Martin.





NHRD –“A Business Survival Mantra”

Our very own treasure NHRD showcase was held for 3rd time, majorly sponsored by Titan. Dr. Martial Goldsmith prominent HR Coach in the world stole the show by sharing his diverse experience in HR practices. To match the global requirements and drive their companies to success many top notch CEO’s from various organizations were part of this module. We had an opportunity to witness the show. We had healthy interaction with dignitaries from various specialized companies like Café Coffee Day, Himalaya, WIPRO Ltd, Manipal Hospitals etc.

An active participation from more than 75 companies was recorded, we as the management students got to learn the cultures practiced in the organizations, their existence and how they strive to be employee friendly, which in fact serves as an important vitamin for the company’s wellbeing and the employees.

If the employee is not healthy and productive the desired results and satisfaction levels are not up to the mark. That’s the reason there’s a saying “A customer is God” .TO reach him we need to focus on our guru i.e. employees. The companies suggested a carry away tip that any organization needs to be employee friendly and not profit oriented as, this motto will fetch the desired profits for the organization as well as serve the needs and essential minerals for the employees. This showcase was surely an add-on to develop ourselves and compete globally.

Guest Lecture by Rohith Fernandes on Supply Chain Management

Management territory is very wide term when it comes to theoretical & practical aspect of life, from the beginning of life we need management, but when it comes to management in corporates world the same management concepts split into different branch i.e. MARKETING, FINANCE, HR, IT, IB, RETAIL, SUPPLY & many more categories are there…

BUT, this time we have to learn something contrasting from Mr. Rohit Fernandes, that’s Concept & scope of SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.

“Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods. It includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.”

We the ISBRian’s learn from the executive the concept of supply chain management, its working, process, steps & some curtail example (MARK & SPENCERS vs ZARA) & (DELL vs COMPAQ) that how effective supply chain department promote & demote the sales, revenue & profit of company.

When it’s come to process orientation part supply chain management categories in variant levels terms as S1, S2 & if required S3 (raw materials) also & then moves to factories for the conversion, then to warehouses or wholesalers depending on the durability of that product afterward it get delivered to some stores where the final consumers purchase & consumes, the entire course of action comprises under supply chain management, Which is down the line after 5 years is very much demanded & adaptable in INDIAN context according to Mr. Rohit Fernandes…


The much awaited day for all the people fresh on campus, came to life on the 13th of September, 2014.

It was the day when all the seniors decided to make the juniors feel special about their presence in the campus. They had arranged a small gathering in the auditorium which was beautifully decorated and the whole ambience was mesmerizing, with juniors dressed in their best apparels and filled with high enthusiasm and energy. The seniors engaged the juniors in a number of activities-starting from introduction of each batch in a unique way, to many amusing tasks which was like an ice breaker for the entire fresher’s.

Finally, the best part of the evening arrived when the finalist of the “Mr and Miss ISBR” title set the stage on fire with their sizzling ramp walk and witty answers.

It was a tough job for the judges to decide, whom to award the prestigious title but after a long nerve-racking moment, Rohit Bhatt and Remiya Pillai were announced as Mr & Miss ISBR for the year 2014-2016, along with the runners up who lost the title by an inch.

It was not the end, they celebrated their victory with the respected judges who were Mr & Miss ISBR 2012-2014 and also shared the dais with Mr & Miss ISBR 2013-2015. After which the floor was left open for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy themselves to the rhythm of peppy numbers.


International school of  Business and   Research (ISBR)  celebrates  7th  september as their  “ISBR DAY”.The institution was established on this very same day by Prakash kothari and Manish kothari.It is an  auspicious day for all the ISBRians,when th birthday of Mr. Prakash Kothari is also celebrated. At ISBR ,the focus goes beyond education.It aims to prepare students for life-with new innovative ideas.

For the first time ,this year in 2014,the college organised a cultural carnival for a week from 1st September to 6th setember 2014.The entire carnival was based on the theme of seasons .So the students dressed accordingly in different colours .The full week went on with different talents of dancing, singing, mime and skits.

Thus ,on 7th september ,2014, ISBR day started with the inaugaral address by Shri Menahe Kanafi-consul general of Israel .He threw light on business styles in Israel and encouraged students to take up managerial roles in startup companies there.

The chief guest for the day was Shri Sunil Rao-country head,start up ecosystem India, Google India.The guest ,made us aware of the new technology of “Google Glass” ,which became available to the public on may 15th ,2014.

The ISBR took the pride with Shri Kishore Jain –Managing  Director of Jain heights and structures in  releasing the magazine “ISBR VOICE-2014”. The magazine was circulated among all the guests. Also,  Mr.Manish Kothari –MD and chairman of ISBR,  honoured the star dignitaries for the day along with other authorities for “Teachers Day” felicitation.

The evening of ISBR day was enlighted with the appearance of guests from different fields of fashion and music. Shri Manoviraj Khosla –Ace fashion designer –guest of the evening was honoured by the MD of the college . He was one of the first persons to emerge into the world of fashion .Among the guests was also present –“Girish and the chronicles” –  one of the famous rock bands of India and also Anjana Padmanabhan –Junior  Indian idol winner 2013. The young girl took away the hearts of the audience with her melodious songs and lovely voice.

The later half of the evening  was carried on with cultural events and distribution of prizes to the students based on their performances . The grand finale of the carnival ended with the winning team of neha and garima with the trophy of “Dancing star”and Jerlin Biju  won the trophy for her extraordinary talent show in singing.

It was a great honour for all the members of this institution to be a part of this great ceremony. The family of ISBR eagerly waits for the next year ISBR DAY celebration to come up with more fun and merrymaking.

ONAM Celebration ==> Day – 6

White colour as the theme, the day began with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. The ambience was delightful and captivating. The campus was decorated so artistically and it was looking very beautiful.

6th September also marked the beginning of Onam, the festival celebrated by the people of Kerala. It is an agrarian festival. The students took the initiative of organizing a small event for celebrating Onam.





Onam Varayi

The event started with a small introduction about Onam followed by performances which enlightened the audience about the festival. One o the students narrated the mythological story behind celebrating Onam .There was a traditional dance performance which was indeed a splendor .A small skit demonstrating how the festival is celebrated, was also an integral part of the event.

The whole event was such a delight. I received a thunderous applause from the audience.



TEACHER’S DAY ==> Day – 5

”The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.”

5th September marked the celebration of Teacher’s day at ISBR. Students actively participated in organizing a small function as a tribute to the beloved faculties of ISBR.

Teachers were honoured by a bouquet, followed by the cake cutting ceremony. it was a day of rejoice and merry making ,which resulted in everlasting bond between the teachers and the students .

Black was the colour of the day which signifies ”intolerance towards injustice”. The theme was arrival of winter.

The carnival began with a dark romance dance performance, which mesmerized the audience and filled their hearts with love.

The next performance was an outstanding glue dance. The expressions of the performers enthralled the audience and made them laugh and rejoice the tune of the songs.

The show top performance was the puppet dance .It was such a delight to watch the performers dancing like puppets. The performers received a thunderous applause from the audience.

Moving on from Rajasthan to Gujrat, the dandia performance was an enthusiastic one. The zest which the performers portrayed was incredible.

It was a day of total nonstop fun and entertainment with cherishiable memories that will last forever.




Today (i.e., on Thursday 4 th September 2014) our theme is AUTUMN and color is GREEN.
Autumn is a time for harvesting most crops. Deciduous trees lose their leaves. Autumn is
a time when most animals are looking for food so they can store up for winter, because they soon will be going into hibernation. The weather gets colder and more windy.
Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves
and others unconditionally. It loves to observe, and therefore relates to the counselor, the good listener, the social worker. It loves to contribute to society. It is the charity worker, the good parent and the helpful neighbor. It is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. Green promotes a love of nature, love of family, pets and home.
The college is decorated totally with leaves in order to depict the green colour.The
auditorium is decorated with images of leaves to symbolize the fall of leaves from the trees.The stage was decorated with the image of a branch losing its leaves which clearly depicts our theme autumn.
Today the management decided to give another opportunity to the teams which were
eliminated in the first round of “Dancing stars of ISBR”.The management committee gave them chance in the form of wildcard entry. The performances of “Creative Talent “are continued today along with the wild card entry performances. Students exhibited different talents such as singing,dancing, skit, mime, mimicry, and many more. Every participant gave his best to entertain the audience. College provided a very good platform to students to exhibit their talents in different fields.