Guest Lecture by Mr. Balaji Subhramanium

We ISBRians never knew that a bright afternoon of 8th August could be more brighter with a man delivering incredible speeches on issues which we think is very simple“ How to talk? “ or “How to listen?”. And he is none other than MR. BALAJI SUBHRAMANIUM, a man with interests in corporate training with full of excitements and zeal. He dealt with Managerial communication which almost every student may hope to be very easy, but unfortunately it is not.

So what is “communication” according to our guest?

It comes from the Greek word “communico”, meaning  “to share”.

To have a better communication, it is necessary to have listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. He presented to us a pictorial representation of how listening skills covered 45% of the pie chart, with the other 30% being speaking, 16 % being reading and the rest 9% being writing. 

But does listening and speaking only mean communicating? IT is not. A proper communication requires physical presentation simultaneously. So Mr. Balaji insisted on all of us to put up a smiling face always and dress accordingly, Which can bring a difference in the tonality of the words that we choose while speaking.

He expressed his own opinions, ideas and feelings as the keys to proper interaction and communication. Mr. Subhramanium included case-studies  to make our session with him more fruitful.

It was a pleasure for all of the students to have him in the campus. We all hope to improve our skill sets through our learning  from MR. BALAJI SUBHRAMANIUM.


Personality Development – I

ISBR Bangalore is privileged to have different faculties who take up classes on personality development to groom the students for their corporate achievements.

A recent activity by MR. Sailesh included activities of team work and leadership. Students enjoyed these activities a lot and at the same time learnt lessons on corporate teamwork.

Personality Development – II

Another Personality Development program was done by   Mr. Shiju Thomas along with Ms. Mahek.Both shared the fragrance of social etiquettes. They made an excellent presentation on “WHO I AM MAKES A DIFFERENCE!”  and really made the difference! .The activities make the students to be concentrated towards their goal and be a multitasker.



IBIS hotel a part of Accor group of hotels which is a world renowned group.This visit exposed students to the hospitality sector and the good and challenging aspects associated with it. It also elaborated the role of MBA and their contribution towards the development of this growing sector.

Inauguration of MBA Batch (2014-16 )

International School of business and Research inaugrated its  new batch of 120 students to its MBA Program at its campus on 2nd August 2014.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. A N Chandramouli  – President BCIC , he motivated the students and encouraged them for hard Work and determination..Dr. Gopal Pingali Director IBM India welcomed the batch and put them to focus  towards their goal .

Mr. Rajinish Menon , Director –Microsoft shared wonderful experience on latest technologies and motivated entrepreneurship.”

Shri. Manish Kothari, Managing director of ISBR group of institutions, congratulated and welcomed the students through his wonderful notes of inspiration.

Thus the event came to an end with a vote of thanks by the Principal Dr. V Prince Martin.


Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd (SEI) is a 100% subsidiary of Schneider Electric Industries SAS, a global specialist in energy management. With a strong force of over 17,000 employees, the company is well known for its unique vision, progressive management and above all, its exemplary Quality.

Key Facts

  • 19000+ employees
  • 31 Global Manufacturing Plants
  • 10+ Distribution Centers
  • 2000+ Authorized Partners: Distributors, System Integrators, Panel Builders
  • 1000+ R&D Engineers
  • 1 Regional Project & Engineering Centre

 It was a pleasure to visit the company and exchange views on various topics.


Aurigene is a specialized biotech company, focused on oncology and inflammatory diseases. Aurigene has deep target and therapeutic area expertise, gained from the experience of multiple programs reaching global clinical development from its efforts.

Aurigene has pioneered a unique, collaborative business model to work with pharma and biotech partners, in a win-win partnership that combines Aurigene’s deep expertise in oncology and inflammation, with our collaboration partners’ needs for expertise, scalability and high-quality, quick and cost-effective prosecution of targets.

Based in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kuala Lumpur, Aurigene has a fully integrated Drug Discovery infrastructure from Hit Generation to Pre-clinical development.

The visit was worth investing the time