Case Study Workshop Conducted by Mr. P K Thomas

Case Study Workshop at ISBROverview

ISBR is an institution, which is transforming fast, especially with the new academia concept which promotes new and fresh dimensions to knowledge advancement across disciplines in a dynamic, vibrant and enriching way based on meaningful engagements beyond conventional paradigms. The aim is to promote mindset change to one that is innovative, entrepreneurial and global towards sustainability for the academia.

The adoption of the case based teaching and learning innovation which aims to give value added dimensions to learning among ISBR students. As a step in addressing the critical gap, ISBR organised a Case Workshop for its MBA and PGDM students during 2nd March and 9th March 2017 and was attended by more than 160 students.

Facilitator for the workshop

The workshop was being facilitated by PK Thomas, Faculty Entrepreneurship and Strategy Area. He is also a Serial Entrepreneur and an eminent expert with experience in case study formulation for the purposes of teaching, training and dissemination. His cases were published in various reference text books and other publications.

Objective of the workshop:

Objective of the workshop was to develop better analytical abilities and enhance decision making capacities with recent best practices.

  • Introduce the Case process as a method to manage the integration of theoretical and conceptual knowledge.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned with others

This innovative approach is in line with the New Academia concept that ISBR is advocating, involving the students from all levels of studies in various disciplines, aimed at engaging them in an enriching learning experience. By using the case studies, students are exposed to real situations which will engage them in discussions and deliberations on various issues, challenge them to think critically with a view to resolving problems and making decisions by looking at possibilities from different perspectives. Most importantly, this approach is most relevant to prepare students who would make a difference and remain competitive in the current global environment. The workshop also focused on practical sessions which helped the students to sort out and analyse data presented in the given case, consider relevant theory, draw conclusions, and present solutions. Other focus area was the logical process of case analysis with various methodologies which should be opted based on the type.

The session was quite interactive and informative for students where Mr. Thomas discussed the case study of HBS, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The session ended with a Question & Answer session by the students. The discussion went on for four hours which spread a great deal of information.

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