Case Study League

The case study club of ISBR Business School organized an Intra College Case study league on 16th November, 2010 at ISBR campus .The league was one of the initiatives of the club to develop structured thinking in the students. This would give them an opportunity to look at the corporate problems practically and solving them in pressure situations.

The League was spread over three days with preliminaries, semi-finals and finals that were scheduled on 16th, 18th and 20th of November, respectively. Around 30 teams had participated in the event. Each team consisted of four members. The top four teams went to the semifinals, with top two teams competing for the honors of Case Study league Championship. The winners were awarded champions trophy by Mr. Manish Kothari, Managing Director, ISBR in an award ceremony on 20th.

The cases given for the event had issues related to areas like Business Environment, Business Strategy, Corporate governance, Communication, Risk management, Information Technology etc. from different industries. The event was judged by case study experts like Prof. Sarit Kumar, Prof. Shanmugham, Prof. Richa Tiwari, and Mr. Sai Venkata . Each round of the event was an elimination round. The participants survived grueling Q&A sessions from both the judges and other teams competing in the event to move to the next round.

All in all, this program taught us practicalities on case solving along with perfect qualities of a leader.

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