The 15th November 2014 was marked as a very memorable day in the history of ISBR, when the students of ISBR Case Study Club gave an excellent presentation on Mr. Narendra Modi.

The program began with a motivational speech by one of the students named “The Bhavin Shah” who is said to be the youngest motivational speaker of India. He shared his mantra for success with everyone. He told, “Utilize the time which you call free time, only then you would know the value of time”. It was lesson to be learnt by one and all.

The event was followed by a presentation where the presenter spoke about good governance model, with facts and figures he showed how Gujrat grew from nothing to everything, how it became a role model on a worldwide basis. The presentation also spoke about the state where BJP won the highest number of seats in the General Election 2014 and also how and why Narendra Modi became the face of BJP.

Every success is incomplete without a team hence when someone speaks about Narendra Modi, it is inevitable that few prominent political figures needs to be mentioned. Hence there was a presentation which said that one of the most important reasons behind Narendra Modi’s victory were the “four pillars” namely Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh, who stood by Modi like a rock.

The event was finally concluded by a sensational video on Narendra Modi which was not only inspiring but also conveyed that India is ready for a change….


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