C- Talk by Mr. Anand Ganapathy, Founder Director of FikkA.jobs

“Those who know they can do it,

Are the ones who never really show it!!!”

These words are aptly fitting for the C-Talk guest at ISBR, held on 16th March 2017, Mr. Anand Ganapathy. He is the Founder Director of www.FikkA.jobs, a website that is very similar to Tinder in design but as the name suggests it takes care of one of the very important reason, a relationship built on Tinder can survive- JOBS !!!! FikkA is the Swedish word for ‘conversations over coffee’, and the company does the same thing- connects good people to great jobs, matching them not just for skills and experience but also preferred location, values and overall aspirations.

The aura and personality of this young CEO of an extremely eccentric organization struck all the students at the college. His simplicity bespoke of him more than his words did. Having a PGDM in Marketing from IIM-B and a work experience with corporate giants like Asian Paints Ltd., Infosys and Blue Star Infotech only added more awe to his contradictorily simple and non-vulnerable persona.

His energy was contagious and the students could feel an instant connect with him. Without beating around the bush, he came straight to the topic which was “How to become a successful professional?” He shared his own experiences at both Asian Paints and Infosys and how he learnt what he learnt and how did it help shape his career. What was more astonishing  was that he came up with only 15 odd slides in his presentation for 1 hour which is very un-CEO type and of course, very student friendly!!!

His presentation consisted of two main categories- first, how to choose your specialization and second, do’s and don’ts of becoming an entrepreneur. His concept of zeroing down on a specialization was very simple- do what you are good at and chase it down till the end. Before commencing the second part he very politely and with all modesty requested only those candidates to stay who were interested to have their own start-up, but none left because he had captured the imagination of all the students present there. For entrepreneurs also he had a simple message- first work and gain experience and then only jump into the ocean of new beginnings.

At the end of the session, which ended rather abruptly, the students asked many intriguing questions and were served with equally apt responses by Mr. Anand. The session proved to be very fruitful and inspiring for all the students and the takeaways for them were countless.

 - Rahul Pandey

MBA ( 2016 – 18)

Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club

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