Blood Donation Camp @ ISBR

Blood Donation Camp @ ISBR

“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.”

– Peter Marshall

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world”. The world today is built with technology, stone and bricks, but losing the fundamental living of being human. Therefore the students of ISBR Business School have organized a blood donation campaign on 4th of March 2017 as a small contribution to the mankind.

This was organised with the help of Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST) and supported by DKMS.

Blood donation is one of the noblest and greatest donations a man can make. Blood is our life-sap. It has no substitute. Several lives are lost because of the unavailability of blood. Doctors need blood for transfusing it in the body of person after operation and similar situations when a lot of blood flows out of the person’s body.

People should understand that their little contribution can prove to be of great help to others. He is personally benefited too. He receives a permit which enables him to fetch a bottle of blood within a year, free of cost. This would help save life of himself or his near and dear ones.

This campaign is certified from BMST and had a set of procedures for the safety of both donor and the blood donated.

It included, blood test considering the haemoglobin levels of the donor and the type of blood donated then a set of questionnaire for the donor regarding his health history.

The donor has a test regarding the blood stem cells, for his future blood requirements in case of emergency and a record is maintained for it.

He/she is directed to the area designated for blood donation and based on the results of his/her health attributes the required amount of blood is donated.

As recognition of this humanly act the donor is credited with a certificate and few refreshments.

Real bliss can be achieved through love, fellowship, selfless service and sacrifice, and not by amassing wealth alone. One must try to donate blood and see what joy, happiness and satisfaction one will experience at the mere thought that this gesture may save somebody’s life one day.

As it is said in Hindi language “Rakth daan karke toh dekho, ACHHA LAGTA HAI.”

– Dinesh 

( ISBR Writer’s & Media Club)


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