It was one of the most unforgettable Industrial Visits that we had in the recent past.FANUCCORPORATION, Japan is a poineer in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology since 1956. In today’s manufacturing world, “FANUC” is amongst the most reliable and dependable brands on any shop-floor. This has resulted in our achieving a dominant share in the demanding CNC and ROBOT markets. FANUC India Private Limited is a subsidiary of FANUC CORPORATION and was established in 1992 with its headquarters in Bangalore.We had a brilliant team of experts guiding us through their robotics section where we were explained all about robotics ant its applications.This visit was an eye opener in robotics. we thank the ISBR & FANUC team to have made this IV happen.


It was like a life time dream come true when we entered WIPRO Premises.
We were guided by their Facility team ,had a grand tour of the campus. The senior officials cam and explained about the wipro ‘s processes and how it works. Wipro Ltd is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 154,297 employees serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. The company posted revenues of $7.3 billion for the financial year ended Mar 31, 2014.We had a great time. This visist will remain in our memories for ever.


Retro means recent past. It is often known as the “Golden Era”. ISBR brought back the magic of the retro era by celebrating retro night wherein the journey of famous actors and actresses were re lived through songs, dance, decoration, and quizzes in the amphitheater of our college.

Students of ISBR were excited to re-live the past and have the retro feel. Everyone was dressed in retro style. There were a lot of performances on the stage starting from dance performances to retro quiz. As every occasion in ISBR is incomplete without a ramp walk where beautiful girls and handsome boys of ISBR set the stage on fire.

The past became a part of the present and created a history at ISBR.


The 15th November 2014 was marked as a very memorable day in the history of ISBR, when the students of ISBR Case Study Club gave an excellent presentation on Mr. Narendra Modi.

The program began with a motivational speech by one of the students named “The Bhavin Shah” who is said to be the youngest motivational speaker of India. He shared his mantra for success with everyone. He told, “Utilize the time which you call free time, only then you would know the value of time”. It was lesson to be learnt by one and all.

The event was followed by a presentation where the presenter spoke about good governance model, with facts and figures he showed how Gujrat grew from nothing to everything, how it became a role model on a worldwide basis. The presentation also spoke about the state where BJP won the highest number of seats in the General Election 2014 and also how and why Narendra Modi became the face of BJP.

Every success is incomplete without a team hence when someone speaks about Narendra Modi, it is inevitable that few prominent political figures needs to be mentioned. Hence there was a presentation which said that one of the most important reasons behind Narendra Modi’s victory were the “four pillars” namely Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh, who stood by Modi like a rock.

The event was finally concluded by a sensational video on Narendra Modi which was not only inspiring but also conveyed that India is ready for a change….



Blood donation is the most valued service to mankind. Nothing is comparable to the preciousness of human blood. “The gift of blood is the gift of life”. There is no substitute for human blood. Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from generous donors.”

Keeping the tradition alive the CSR Club of ISBR in association with the Rotary Club, which is the country’s largest and most modern blood bank with state-of-art technologies and service, organized a blood donation camp at ISBR on 8th November 2014 from 11a.m. to 4p.m. Students and staff of ISBR turned up in large numbers to donate blood.

The donors went through a series of medical checkups before donating blood and were given refreshments and a certificate of appreciation for this service to humanity.

The event was a huge success with a large number of students and teachers turning up for the cause.




CSR Activity [Diwali] at ISBR

Diwali the festival of lights was celebrated on 23rd October at ISBR Bangalore.  The event of the auspicious occasion was supported by the CSR and other members of the college.

The members of the club went out to reach all those people who are not so privileged to celebrate Diwali or any such festivals. All the peons, securities and other staffs of ISBR who work for the ISBR family saw the light of happiness coming their way when the CSR club took the initiative to distribute fire crackers and other sweets among them and their family.

Not only that ISBR but also the other slum areas nearby showed their gratitude towards these same members when their little children got the gifts of crackers which almost every normal child of their age demands or long for.

ISBR Bangalore is blessed with a club like that of CSR which tries to reach out to everyone at every corners of the society and helps them to bring about a smile on their face with every little activity they can come up with for the society.

Diwali Celebration at ISBR

Diwali is celebrated on October 18th,2014 at ISBR B-school. The students are asked to where the ethinic wear in order to create the festival environment. Different events are conducted to students such as rangoli and hair dressing competitions.To be different and funny the rangoli is conducted to boys.Everyone gave their best in it.Even it became difficult to judges to select one among them.

Girls are asked to bring five different kind of hair accessories for hair dressing competition.For a change,boys are called to do hair dressing for girls.It was really a funny event which everyone enjoyed.After completion of the event girls arranged the diyas which symbolizes deepavali.Later,all the students fired some crakers.It was an awesome event to celebrate the festival with friends.This is one of the most memorable deepavali for most of us.


Anthem Bioscience is a third party bio-technology company providing services to other bio companies in research of molecules and analyzing them so that they can be later  resulted in to a medicine.

We were taken to the various facilities which talks about R&D, production, Experimentation, Quality testing, Organic waste disposal.

From every department, we were allowed to talk to an expert to clear our doubts and to understand the whole process in a better way.

Later on we had a healthy discussion with Mr. Amith Kumar A K(HR & ADMIN) on managerial role and how to achieve what we aim. We also had a healthy discussion with Mr. Ravi(Head of IT department) about IT and his role in organization. We were amazed to know that they develop their own software and how they manage to save cost for the company.

It was quite an enriching experience.

Panel Discussion on Manufacturing Industries

On the 17thof October,2014 experts from  different manufacturing industries visited ISBR for a  “Panel Discussion” which was named as a “Industry connect”.

The panellist for this discussion was:-

  • Mr. Gopinath Anur  (Director of Operations)-Vacon Drives & Controls
  • Mr.Devadas Shetty (Director of Manufacturing Operations)-Schneider Electric
  • Mr. Rajpurohit Singh (Head-Sales)-Volvo
  • Prof. Preeja Sridhar (Moderator)

In this discussion the panellist mainly focused on the skill-sets and competencies needed for an MBA. They also emphasised on the importance of soft-skills and hard-skills. The speakers tried to demystify the myth that “manufacturing sector is all about equipment and machinery” the interest always is, for the people and the concept of understanding the business; and hence it is the time for MBA’s to capitalise on the range of job opportunities.

There were lots of queries on the kind of job profiles available at these sectors at the point, the speakers patiently elaborated on these aspects thus bringing a strong awareness among the students.




Panel Discussion on IT

On the 15th of October, 2014 the experts from different organizations visited ISBR for a “Panel Discussion”.

The panel included-

  • Mr. Nihar Rajan Satapathy (Moderator)-Accenture
  • Mr. Shivakumar- IBM
  • Mr. Sanjay Ram-Wipro Infotech
  • Mr. Mukundhan Annamalai-Infosys
  • Mr. Ramakrishna-HP

The topic for the discussion was “IT sector and its expectations out of an MBA”. It was a very interactive and informative session where the experts from the industries shared their experiences and made the students aware of the few “mantras” of success- “pressure is a part of life and we can handle it only when we have a positive attitude in life and the ability to do things skilfully and uniquely”.

This panel discussion helped in eradicating all the doubts, the students had, regarding their role as an MBA in the IT industry. It enlightened the students that no matter, whatever degree they hold, the most important aspect that an industry looks for in an individual is, their ability to adapt.

The “mantra” that echoed in unison at the end was- “The only way to succeed in life is, not to be afraid of failure and to aim high.”