Fresher’s Day

Fresher1s Day

The theme of the fresher’s party is seasons, where each batch were allotted with a different seasons like summer, winter, Rainy, Spring and have a come to the party in that season kind of dresses.

Initially the programme started with the speeches and singing by the faculty and followed by the selection of Mr.& Ms. Fresher of the batch 2012-13 and followed by singing and dancing by the seniors and juniors and then at the end of the day announcing Mr.& Ms. fresher’s and honoring them and closing the party with a small Dj.

Global Investors Summit [ GIM ]

Global Investors Summit (GIM) is a biennial summit held by the Government of Karnataka in Bangalore, India. The event is aimed at bringing together business leaders, investors, corporations, thought leaders, policy and opinion makers. Encouraged by the outstanding response to the Global Investor Meet (GIM) in 2010, Government of Karnataka (GoK) organized the 2nd Global Investors Meet (GIM) 2012 on 7th & 8th June 2012 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC). Government of Karnataka is committed to play the role of a catalyst and facilitator to maintain the State as India’s preferred investment destination – and the Global Investor’s Meet is an initiative in this direction.

The objective of the Investors Meet is to showcase the investment potential of the State in various sectors. The summit witnessed the participation of Prospective Investors, Industry Leaders, Governments, Trade Bodies & Associations, Entrepreneurs, and Academia & Research Institutions.

Focus sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Automobiles
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial Infrastructure
  • Information Technology
  • Minerals
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Textiles
  • Tourism
  • Urban Infrastructure


Considering the golden opportunity provided by GoK ISBR initiated a brand building exercise and focused on key areas for international collaborations. The turn key areas were Education & Research Collaborations, Business Plans, Knowledge Partnerships, Corporate Training, Industry Partnerships international associations and Business process Innovations.

ISBR in order to promote the above ideas had put up an active stall in the Hall no 3 (Education and R&D Section).The whole idea of branding was divided into 3 core activities i.e., 1. There was an ISBR Media team”i news” consisting of 3 members who were ready to cover all events at the GIM Expo.2.There were students who were lined for various sector level seminars that would happen in the GIM Expo & who would actively participate and gain the necessary skill and knowledge.3.There was one more team at the stall which would felicitate the visitors and attend to their queries . To help all the above activities the ISBR corporate team created an innovative visiting card which was larger than the normal visiting card and was multi colored depicting our intentions at expo.

Day 1 ( 6th June )(Inaguration of GIM)

On 6th June with the advent of Chief Minister the GIM Expo was inaugurated in the afternoon at about 2 pm and was made available to public. At ISBR we had a unique opportunity of meeting the CM at very close quarters and even had the opportunity to invite him to our stall and campus. The media team had covered the inauguration and also the meeting of CM with our Corporate relations officer Mr.Abbas Ali. On the first day the although the crowd was not as large as expected but it was consistent. We had a lot of visitors from across the globe.

The media team was able to interact with Mexican, Japanese and Canadians to name a few, these interactions were quite fruitful. The B2B meetings had stared by evening specially the Japanese delegation had signed a few MoU with companies in Bangalore. Our Media team had done a vivid coverage of all these events. By evening at around 7 pm the show began to close and we had left the pavilion by

Day 2 (7th June)

On the second day  whish was again marked by a welcome dance performed by Folk artists at the entrance of Hall no 2 , The CM again inaugurated the meetings and the tempo of the expo was raised with speech of Mr.Narayanmurthy and other giants from the industry .These industry people had intellectual debates with govt regarding the investment scenario in Karnataka and what can be done to improve it., The crowd on the second day had picked up as the day progressed  the seminar rooms were full with attendees and our students were present in most of the seminars trying to gain as much as possible. The response at the stall was also immense with lots of potential enquiries from corporate and other institutions. After lunch the Expo had gained momentum the seminars were in full swing with the industry giants and the members of GoK interacting with each other. Our media team had covered the events fruitfully with all the corporate and govt people together. By evening to relax there were cultural programmes organized by the GoK for the guests and our media team had done justice there as well The day was called off by 8 pm.

Seminar Details :

Transport Infrastructure, Jacaranda Hall, CC

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Engineering & Automobile, Hall 3 Upper Level

Chemical, Petrochemical & Plastics, Business Conclave, Hall 2

Day 3 (8th june )

On the 3 rd day of the event the crowd was in full swing the enquiries had crossed over200 by afternoon  the seminars were also in full swing with full attendance from our students who willingly participated in all the events , the media team had left no stone unturned to cover all events .Our visiting cards had reached  the pockets of most of the visitors and were also found in the bowls of all the stalls. Even the seminars where ever there was an opportunity cards were exchanged. The day and the event was closed by 5 in the evening

Seminar Details:

Industrial Infrastructure, Jacaranda Hall, CC

IT & ITeS, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Skill Development, Hall 3, Upper Level

Housing & Urban Development, Jacaranda Hall, CC

Tourism, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Aerospace and Defense, Hall 3 Upper Level

Power, Jacaranda Hall, CC8 June, 2012: Textiles, Gulmohar Hall, CC

Agro & Food Processing, Hall 3, Upper Level

All the details that were collected were passed on to the corporate relations team at ISBR for further analysis and follow-ups.

Over all it was a unique opportunity for GIM ISBR Team to expose themselves to such a huge international event of this scale. It provided new learning’s and gave a new dimension to the thoughts of management in a brave new globalized world. The students had good time with guests and they also did not miss any opportunity to gain knowledge. For students it meant application of all the knowledge that they had got from the classroom. The event was quite enlightening.


An initiative to reward the meritorious

Vidyajyoti, a nation wide Scholarship drive by ISBR Business School, a premier top ranked Business School opened a way to bigger and better things in life, for young, meritorious and bright students.

This initiative was started in the year 2009 and had seen 3000+ students participating and 600 fortunate.

This year also “Vidyajyothi scholarship” received overwhelming response from various colleges and scholarship worth 80 lakhs would be awarded through this medium. The VIDYAJYOTHI Scholarship rewarding ceremony was held on 23rd of April 2011, 4 pm at the ISBR Business School Campus.

The success of Vidyajyothi can be gauged from the humumgous numbers that participated in it. The purpose was to make the prestigious course like MBA accessible to all those who have the telent and desire to achieve success but lack the means to reach there.

The wholehearted participation and the accolades from both the academicians and student communities has made Vidyajyothi the brand to recon within its very second year. This gives us great motivation and courage to take it farther and further.

ISBR business school wishes a great bright future to these winners who have performed excellent in the various selection processes.

Mentoring and Coaching – The Need of The Hour

Faculty Development Symposium of the International School of Business and Research (ISBR Business School), was conducted successfully on 10th January, 2011 at the ISBR Business School campus.  The Symposium’s topic “Mentoring and Coaching – The Need of the Hour” aimed at a holistic approach to the personal and professional development of faculty members of various Arts and Science, Engineering and Technology, and Management education.

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person”, quoted the legendary Mother Teresa. This in essence is mentoring and coaching.  Research in both educational settings and in the workplace has proved without a shred of doubt that students and employees alike are more likely to succeed if they have had a mentor and a coach.  Mentoring and coaching are forms of providing support in which individuals with more advanced experience and knowledge (mentors) are attached with individuals (students, trainees, or others) for the purpose of advancing their development.

The symposium was attended by faculty from renowned institutes such as Women’s Christian College, JBAS Women’s College (formerly SIET), Asan Memorial College, Guru Nanak College, and many more.

Dr. L. S. Ganesh, Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras, was the guest of honor and the first speaker for the day. His dynamism as a speaker was manifested in the rapt attention and awe evident in the participants’ faces. His passion for mentoring and coaching was obvious from his address. Dr. Ganesh touched upon several aspects such as the differentiating factors in inter-dependent terms like counseling, teaching, coaching, training, and mentoring. His ‘4 E Model’ (Effectiveness, Efficiency, Excellence, and Ethics), ‘2 C Model’ (Competency and Character) were the highlights of the day. Nature of the protégé, importance of mentor-protégé relationship, challenges of the mentoring and coaching system, issues that a mentor should avoid, and finally the outcomes of mentoring and coaching programme, were delivered in his usual style of practical, real-time examples. There was a high degree of interest and enthusiasm as expressed by participants’ interaction and experience sharing.

In the post-lunch session, Prof. T.A. Achuth Kumar, Director, ISBR Business School, whose brain-child was this symposium, presented the process of mentoring and coaching in detail. In his customary fashion, Prof. Achuth Kumar started the presentation with definitions of mentoring and coaching, went on to the evolution of mentoring and coaching with classic examples from history, clarified concepts of who a mentor and a protégé is, and shifted to the benefits of mentoring to the mentor and the protégé. The need for mentoring to supplement the conventional teaching inputs was highlighted by explaining the six ways of thinking that prevails and each individual learner may be pre-dominantly one type. They are Authority driven, Deductive, Sensory, Emotional, Intuitive, and Scientific. The mentor can understand the particular way in which the protégé is comfortable in thinking and processing information and use that to enhance effectiveness and tangible results. He concluded with the methodology and action plan for the successful implementation of the programme in colleges and other educational institutions.

The final lap of the symposium saw Dr. M. L. Santhanam, Academic Coordinator, chairing the panel discussion on the current scenario and possible action plans from each of the participants. This open discussion brought in clarity as to how a mentoring and coaching programme needs to be carried out in educational institutes.

The symposium was a success. There are no two ways about it. The effectiveness of internalizing a much relevant topic in recent times is dependent on the follow-up action by the participants in their respective institutes. The enthusiasm with which the participants received the entire day’s content communicates the reality of the implementation phase of the symposium.

Delegates from Foreign Universities

A Plethora of Opportunities for the right aspirants

ISBR Business School, Bangalore has been passionate about creating an impact in the field of education.  At ISBR, we have always created a breeding ground for identifying the right potential and developing them.

Here is another venture by ISBR Business School to create a plethora of opportunities for developing our students into better professionals. We had a team of foreign delegates representing different universities in our campus on December 11, 2010. The objective of their visit was to give opportunities to students to explore better avenues. Of late, there is an importance of revamping the curricula and the pedagogy to meet the demands of the changing economy. The impact of globalization has been a positive catalyst for the education sector and we have been lucky enough to cater to the demands of our students.

The following universities were approached to make presentation about their perspective:

•          Student University, Netherlands

•          American university of Sharjha, UAE

•          North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, South Africa

•          University of Manitoba, Canada

•          Sam Houston State University, USA

•          Fayetteville State University,USA

•          The Indus Foundation, India

The discussions revolved around the students and Faculty exchange programme, their admission processes, curriculum, pedagogy and other aspects related to their universities and of interest to ISBR.

It was a proactive and interactive session to deliberate topics of interest with Foreign Delegates. The   faculty and students of ISBR actively involved in this. The session concluded with questions from the students and answers from the delegates.

Several MOU’s were also signed between ISBR and International Universities.

Certainly this paved a path of glory to all ISBRians.

To conclude with Robert Frost: “The woods are dark and lovely. But there are promises to keep & miles and miles to go, before I sleep”

HR Summit

ISBR Business School had organized a one day seminar at the campus. The objective was to get together HR professionals, academicians, researchers and management consultants to a common platform to debate and discuss the various aspects of the “Recent trends in HRM”

The program started with the lighting of lamp by the Managing Director and the Director followed by the inaugural session. The eminent speakers for the first session were Mr. Babu Rangaswamy, Director, HP and Mr.RamaKrishna, VP Wipro. The second session was delivered by Mr.Joshua Rozario from Transevolve. The speakers had bridged the gap between the academia and the industry with their thought provoking speech.

Post lunch session saw an informative panel discussion moderated by Prof. Preeja Sreedhar and chaired by the panelist Ms.Annapurna, Assistant General Manager, HR, Essillor India Pvt LTD. Mr Raghu HR Manager Samsung and Joseph HR Senior Manager, IBM. The session was very enriching  because it touch based on a variety of topic like , changing roles of HR professionals, outsourcing of HR functions, managing knowledge workers, Impact of technology to name a few.

The HR summit was one of its kinds in the campus because it brought about a different level of knowledge from the veterans of the industry. The whole event was co-ordinated by Prof. Sreeleakha and it was a roaring success.

Student View: “We thank ISBR for such a great event. Insights into HR from corporate, networking with industry leaders, practical exposure were takeaway from this program.

Case Study League

The case study club of ISBR Business School organized an Intra – College Case study league on 16th November, 2010 at ISBR campus .The league was one of the initiatives of the club to develop structured thinking in the students. This would give them an opportunity to look at the corporate problems practically and solving them in pressure situations.

The League was spread over three days with preliminaries, semi-finals and finals that were scheduled on 16th, 18th and 20th of November, respectively. Around 30 teams had participated in the event. Each team consisted of four members. The top four teams went to the semifinals, with top two teams competing for the honors of Case Study league Championship. The winners were awarded champions trophy by Mr. Manish Kothari, Managing Director, ISBR in an award ceremony on 20th.

The cases given for the event had issues related to areas like Business Environment, Business Strategy, Corporate governance, Communication, Risk management, Information Technology etc.  from different industries. The event was judged by case study experts like Prof. Sarit Kumar, Prof. Shanmugham, Prof. Richa Tiwari, and Mr. Sai Venkata . Each round of the event was an elimination round. The participants survived grueling Q&A sessions from both the judges and other teams competing in the event to move to the next round.

All in all, this program taught us practicalities on case solving along with perfect qualities of a leader.

Win At Business School

On November 5, 2010 NASSCOM organized Business School Affaire and Dewang Mehta Business School Awards. Nearly 50 Top management institutes had sent students to contest for the award of Best Student in Management for the year 2009-10. The jury at the event comprised some of the eminent people from the top companies including ESSAR, ICICI Prudential, Reliance, HDFC Bank, Bharat Matrimony, HP, AEGIS, YES Bank, Hexaware, Global INNOV, Red Hat and many more. After the review of the resume of the students by the jury, each student was given a time span of 10-15 min to talk about himself/herself and another few min as to why he/she should be selected as the Best Student in Management. The jury then interacted with the participants cross questioning them on various issues.

When the final results were announced, ISBR struck a spot with Prashant Guha winning the award for the Best Management Student. Here’s an excerpt from the rendezvous with Prashant.

What all preparations went in preparing for an event like this?

To be frank, the preparations had started the day I decided to do something in my life. Till now I had never thought that I would get a chance to compete to be the best in my field in my country some day. As per the last moment preparations, I was all geared up to answer just anything. Starting from academics to achievements to current affairs.

Who all helped you in getting ready for it?

The credit list stands long but firstly I would like to thank our Director, Prof. Amit Gupta for confining in me and selected me to represent ISBR. From the staff, Parvathi ma’am played an important role in setting all things right for me from beginning to the last moment. All my gurus from past and present, my employers, my parents, friends and each and every one from ISBR who confined and believed that I could do it.

What was the experience like, not just participating but winning in an event like this?

In real sense this was an experience of a life time where I got a chance to compete with some of the best management students from the best Management Institutes of India. Though it was tough to compete, I was able to deliver my best. I got a chance to see how well other B schools are doing and what kind of management students are they producing.

Was there anything that you feel you missed  or ignored while preparing?

Well yes… I felt I missed out on preparations of the introductory speech. I could have introduced myself better.

What are you’re learning from this win and any suggesting for all of us back home?

After being a part of this grand event, I realized that it doesn’t matter from which institute you come from, if you are confident and give it your best shot, you can surely make a place for yourself.

I would like to suggest this one thing to students at ISBR that don’t take learning lightly. Ignorance can lead you to doom but if you truly believe in yourself and apply you’re learning in day to day life you will surely be at the top.

What are those qualities of yours that you think got you so far and any weakness of yours that you identified during the whole event?

Well, I feel it’s been my continuous effort to prove myself in any field that I have been in so far. One quality of mine is of never giving up no matter what. Before the results were declared I was worried as to how am I going to face my professors, my friends and all those who believed in me. I was scared to the extent that I could not hold my tears when my name was declared. It feels proud to carry the tag of “Best Student in Management” for the year.

Trip to the Land of Delights and Land of Big Buildings

Most memorable moments…

BLOW THE VUVUZELA. We say the world is here when we see smile in different facets. A trip to Malaysia & Singapore had something which we can’t ever forget. The happiness & excitement was all above par. Holding every breathe, waving our eyes through every window of the flight searching for an island of delights, an island of myth and the island to shop till the last penny left in the pocket. At the end of our journey it was the moment of pride that we had 10 amazing days to spend time with our friends.

University of Malaya was the first destination, with the empathic goal to have strong relationship with ISBR & Malaya University. It was a very valuable interaction with teachers of the university. I heard a new term called MBA in ‘ISLAMIC FINANCE’, it is for people who have done their Islamic studies in graduation.

Next move: High 5 bread factory. We were amazed to see the decoration and above all the love towards the bread. This company is the brain child of Silverbird group food chain giants. We had Industrial visits in CNI factory and few more in Singapore. Genting Highland was the ultimate fun. We were wondering are we in a place where even clouds can play with us and only way to reach highland it is just “Cable car”.

We reached Singapore, the land of big buildings where things can happen with high myths and Chinese mythology. Singapore brought the fun factor when we reached “Santosa Island” it was the time when we had joy and only joy. We had the best of 4D max and lots more. It was enchanting to see the Songs of the Sea. It is an experience which cannot be expressed through words.

I am really thankful to ISBR B-School which gave me an opportunity to see all these places and also made a difference in my life.

An Industrial visit to Simpsons and Co Pvt Ltd

Another bridge between theory and practice – an industrial visit to a company that is more than a hundred years old and is one of the main identity of Chennai, the Simpsons & Co Pvt Ltd – the manufacturers of diesel engines.

The visit gave a real time application of the Productions Management course that we have this semester, what

with a fully functional assembly line. The essence of Interdepartmental dependency was manifest in every function at Simpsons.  The different factors and conditions which need to be evaluated to decide on outsourcing -a make or buy decision were taught to us.  The engineers and the quality control division gave us a practical application of the 5 S model of the Japanese Management that proved extremely valuable to us. All together a memorable experience. Who said learning was tough?!!!