Personality Success Blueprint

In our series of guest lectures, we had with us Mr. Beejal Parmar, founder and senior partner of True AIM Solutions, based in Bangalore, India, a pioneering personality analysis and behavior modification consulting, training and gamification companies serving entrepreneurs and organizations.

The event was emceed by Rashi Sharma and the talk was opened by Beejal’s 12 year old daughter, Shivani Parmar. She spoke on how conditioning plays an important in the growth of an individual and even sang her very own composed song ‘ counting smiles’. Kudos to her stage presence and confidence.

Then walked in Beejal and took over the session from there. The two hour engaging session was a mix of personality analysis, games, skits and interaction with the audience. He explained the ‘young managers of tomorrow’ how they could achieve success by having an insight of their personality and then plan and perform accordingly.

He explained that unlocking the gates to their personality with the seven sacred keys is going to help them a long way in achieving the targets that each of them had set for themselves. He introduced the students to PRISM Analysis and Life Plan Mastery programs and how they would benefit from it.

Here’s the quote our guest speaker Beejal lives by “the better you know yourself, the faster you will succeed, and the happier you will be.”  And that’s what he asked us all to implement in our day to day lives.



She is the epitome of grace, beauty, love, compassion, affection and more. She is a life herself. Keeping the very same thought in mind International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March. It is marked as the day where we all celebrate women’s accomplishments and advocate for gender equality.

And keeping up with tradition, we at ISBR celebrated the ‘undying’ spirit of woman and her achievements till date. The program kicked off by beautiful poem from Amrita. Then a welcome dance by Sharanpreet and Neha, followed by the words of wisdom by Director K.S. Anandram, our guest for the evening Mrs. Suja Warrior and our CTO Mayur Jain.

A power packed performance by the boys N.N Mishra and Roop enthralled the audience. CSR and the sports club had their share of activities like tug of war and a few ‘couple’ games. The emcees of the evening were Vijith and Anjan who kept the audience engaged.

And finally, we had an audio visual presentation and a talk by Bhushan on the present scenario of women today which was appreciated by one and all present. The evening was a memorable one and will be remembered by us all. And here’s penning down a few words for the girls of our institute…

‘Beauty with brains, tender yet strong and sensible, she is everything you want her to be and more.Here’s wishing all the gorgeous and intelligent women at ISBR a very Happy Women’s Day.’


A smart and responsible city that Bangalore is, the people at Smart Vote Campaign and B.PAC are taking it a notch higher. Every citizen today needs to realize the importance of their vote in developing India, and to give them a hand at this, the students of ISBR joined them in full spirit to make their voices heard.

Street plays showcased by ISBR students depicted the present election scenario, the mindset of the country’s youth towards the election and the ingrained ‘who gives a care’ attitude was enacted to wake up the educated working class from their slumber.

Flash mobs, the latest rage with the young was also performed by the students of ISBR, to get the crowd grooving and interested. The foot tapping patriotic music choreographed by the students themselves was an instant rage.

The skits and the flash mob was performed over a span of two days at various food courts at the Infosys Bangalore campus pulling in huge crowds and lots of applause from the Infosys employees.

Day 2 event was followed by a panel discussion at the Narayan Murthy convention centre. The panel included big names like Retd Supreme court Justice Mr. Hegde, Mr. Prithvi, Head of Smart Vote Campaign at Bangalore, Mr Jayraj, Retd. Commissioner of Bangalore and Mr. R.K. Mishra, the winner of TOI lead India Initiative. A discussion of over an hour with engaged the young audience and gave them lots of food for thought.

A special thanks to Mr. Manas Kumar and Mrs. Suja Warrior for involving the ISBrians for such an amazing initiative.


The students of ISBR were taken on a day trip to the Mysore Infosys campus as a part of their industry visit. A three hour joy ride from Bangalore to Mysore was full of fun, frolic and excitement as the students geared up to check out the world renowned training facility of Infosys.

Spread over 100 of acres, the facility has everything you can think of, a swimming pool, bowling alley, multiplex to name a few.

Infosys believes a lot in CSR, therefore it invites students from institutes around the place to be a part of their ‘sparks’ program initiative wherein they introduce students to corporate way of working and educating them about the world happenings .

After the sparks program, we were taken around the campus for a tour. The campus sure is a treat to the eyes.

After lots of photographs and quick lunch, we got back into the bus and headed back to Bangalore. All in all, a trip worth remembering.


In the series of guest lectures happening at ISBR, we had a renowned author who came in to our campus like a whiff of fresh air and fresh thoughts. She spoke on a dynamic and engaging topic ”Energy-Model’ for achieving success in life” 

Her persona is lit from within and she spreads her knowledge and understanding of life wherever she holds court. The portfolio of her various skills and experiences has empowered her to become a body, mind and spirit doctor.

She has contributed articles to The Times of India, HT Horizons, Advanc’edge MBA, Life Positive, People and Management, Your Spiritual Revolution, Go-Getter, Eternal Solutions, Indian Age, Wedding Vows, The New Woman, and Atelier Diva; besides managing various blogs. She also translated books from Hindi to English and edited them.

Her talk with the students at ISBR ranged from what success means to each one of us and how our surrounding environment has such an impact on us whether things are living and non living.

What we give in to the environment, is what we get back from it, the energies of the universe play their hand on us. The universe’s positive energy is a gift to all of us and we need to make the most of it.

Keeping the audience engaged in breathing exercises, mental image modeling and asking them views on various things that motivate them and why, she cleared a lot of air around the delusions the students had. It was guest lecture worth remembering.

Guest Lecture – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Relaxation techniques

Ms. Neha S Cadabam from Mind Talk had delivered a talk on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Relaxation techniques for the MBA students. The session was a mix of theory and practice and it brought out volley of questions from the audience.

The students were delighted at relaxation techniques. There were lot of introspection on individual thoughts, feeling and behavior through exercises.

The event came to a close with refreshed and renewed energy from the audience.


“Chrizellenz” Fest at Christ University

The National Level Fest “Chrizellenz” organised by Christ University Institute of Management, Kengeri Campus was held on 18th & 19th January 2013. The fest brought about best minds from B-schools across the nation to participate in various events like Vittakhyati (Finance), Vikrayana (Marketing), Enyanacharya (B-Quiz), Rannbhoomi (Operations & IT), Viparidhaan (Cross-functional) and Atishreshta (Best Manager). Cultural events were also a part of the fest.

It was a pleasure for all of us to be a part of the National Level Fest as it gave us the opportunity to interact with the prominent minds from various B-schools. The events that were conducted gave us an exposure as to how to deal with various aspects of management disciplines, be it finance, marketing or HR.

Guest Lecture – Australian Trade Commissioner

The Australian Trade commissioner Mr.Rod Solomons had visited ISBR campus to address the students.The students were delighted to have such a high profile person in the campus. The trade commissioner gave a wonderful speech that had immense information of the bilateral trade that was going on between India & Australia. He also spoke about the various Job opening and businesses that the MBA students can look forward in Australia. He gave  detailed information about the Higher education system in Australia and how our students can utilize the same. The lecture provided very useful information regarding trade ,education and overall relationship of India with Australia.All the students loved the lecture and were deeply engrossed in it.

Microsoft -Visit

The  very name  Microsoft made our jaws to to remain open for a long time, the trip was scheduled in the evening was extremely useful and productive.The insights that were provided by their HR r regarding Where the MBA’s fit in microsoft was quite an eye opener.They explained how microsft had become a process driven company,their new products , how they are conceived ,developed and marketed,the role R&D etc.The visit was really something that we would remember for a life time.

National Conference on “Developing Entrepreneurial Managers through Management Education- Curricula to Careers.”

“International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore had organized a one-day National Conference on “Developing Entrepreneurial Managers through Management Education- Curricula to Careers.” on `December 15th, 2012.

The objectives was to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit among the Managers & to explore different ways, methods, approaches to achieve it .

The event had seen lot of deliberations from experts from both the academia and the industry. It was an intellectual  forum with stalwarts sharing their knowledge, experiences in the field of entreprenuership.

The students of ISBR had participated in this enriching conference as it was an experiential learning for them.