The annual sports day at ISBR business school, organized by the sports club was held at NTTF ground ,electronic city on 4th and 5th of December,2013;mainly focusing on outdoor games.There was an event held on 22nd,23rd and 24th of September,2013 where the sports club of ISBR conducted indoor games like carom,chess and table tennis.The event was christened as “MILAAP” which means bonding and truly a host of activities in the form of games and sports brought together the PGDM and MBA batches,juniors and seniors,faculty and staff and all under the same roof.It was a pleasant break for the students from the hectic schedule and everyone participated whole heartedly and enjoyed the two days to its fullest.

The event was well planned by the executive coordinators who are the student representatives of the sports club assigned specific colors to the teams belonging to specific batches at ISBR which were as follows: RED-MBA(seniors),BLUE-PGDM(seniors),GREEN-MBA(juniors),YELLOW-PGDM(juniors).The ground was hired for two days and all arrangements including first aid,water and food arrangements were taken care of with absolute adeptness.

Among very intense competition in the indoor games,it was team YELLOW that won the carom tournament winning 5 matches and every round was a knockout round.BLUE team won the chess competition defeating team GREEN in which the competition was really very close and the match went on for more than 120minutes.RED won the table tennis final match against YELLOW and the competition was pretty one sided.

The outdoor games began from 9 in the morning and 1st event was 4*100 meter relay(boys) which was won by RED with YELLOW as the runners up.RED team and team BLUE reached the cricket finals.The match was very closely fought and ultimately team RED tasted victory based on Naresh’s last two overs heroics in which he scored 40 runs;thus helping his team overcome the target of 116 runs.Volleyball was won by team BLUE over Team RED which was also a closely contested match.The second day sawteam GREEN win the 4*100 meters relay (girls) followed by team RED. The tug of war (girls) was also won by Team GREEN over Team YELLOW giving the GREENS every reason to celebrate. The final crescendo came with the final of the football tournament between team BLUE and YELLOW pitted against each other which turned out to be an one sided affair as team YELLOW lost the plot after the 1st half. The injuries and on field brawls that took place did not help their cause and they ultimately lost to team BLUE and when the last whistle blew, the score board read 4-1. So the overall championship was won by the BLUE team and the celebrations continued for the entire evening.

At the end of two days, sports club was lauded for their efforts and the show that they put up giving a much needed break to the ISBR family. The sports club at ISBR will look forward to host sports activities at regular intervals to keep us physically sound, provide us entertainment and continue to give us the joy of bonding and togetherness.



ISBR witnessed yet another thrilling, fantabulous, witty and whacky-titled event ‘CHUSTI AUR FURTI’ organized by ISBR marketing club CREATIVE CARTEL on 23rd November, 2013.

This event not only tested the knowledge but also the wits of the participants, comprising  five rounds accompanied by belligerent elimination, the student showcased enthusiastic participation.

The first ‘knack round’ tested the aptitude of the participants, followed by the second round titled ‘ Digital cerebrum’ following which 16 teams proceeded into the third round, which was ‘Brain Teaser’. Participants knowledge about sports, business and current affairs was put to test. 8 teams qualified for the semi-finals. The event showcased enthusiastic participation from the students.

But this was just a drop in the bucket. The best was concealed for the last day. The semi-finals and the final round was conducted by our very own Quiz master “K.V.R” who lives and breathes ‘MARKETING.’ He was like a cherry on the top, who made the event even more exciting and energetic.

The winners of the event were SRIRAM and DHARAMVEER. There win was a metaphor of the dramatic climax of a movie as they started with being the least scorer of the final round but their general knowledge proved to be the best arsenal in the toolkit.

The 1st runner up were Zafar and Abhishek and the 2nd runner up were Sakshi and Vishwanath.

The ending of the event justified the blitzkrieg with which it began. Indeed, marketing club of ISBR creative cartel added another feather of glory to their hat.


Delegates from USA visit ISBR B SCHOOL, Chennai for an International Seminar

On 6th Nov 2013, ISBR B SCHOOL witnessed the US Delegates walking into the campus to address the MBA students on various interesting topics. The International seminar was held at ISBR Business School Chennai in collaboration with Splendio IT solution. of the ISBR welcomed the 5 eminent speakers Mr. Timothy c. Banks, Mr.Timothy J. Oxley, Ms. Sherry Lynn Amos, Ms. Tolu Taiwo and Mr. Brain W. Kolb all the way from US. The main objective of the program is to bring the Global exposure to students  and the campus was buzzing with energy as students enthusiastically took part in the seminar. The day began with an invocation song and followed by the lighting of the lamp by our guests. Our director Mr Achuth Kumar , then welcomed the gathering. Mr. Edward of Splendio IT Solutions then presented us with an overview of the seminar. Our CEO Mr. Bharath Jain then delivered the presidential address.

The first speaker for Plenary Session I was Mr. Timothy J Oxley, who has been a part of  General Counsel  of OxVision LLC and BridgePoint International LLC. He briefed us on merger and acquisition and legal issues involved in Indians starting a business in US and also about business ethics. The session was very informative, where a lot of students cleared their doubts on ethical issues.

The second speaker Mr. Timothy C Banks, who is a senior IT professional, with extensive experience in supporting strategic real time systems in the financial trading field. He briefed us on financial trading and its scope as business and role of IT in financial trading. He also shared with us his personal experiences in financial trading, which was a great insight and an eye opener for all of us.

For Varshita samy, a second year MBA student, meeting people from the corporate world was an eye-opener. “We got to interact with a lot of people and it helped us hone our skills. It was a good learning opportunity,” she added.

The plenary session II was taken over by Ms Sherry Lynn Amos, who has an experience of 15years in sales and marketing at Xerox Corporation and 3years in sales and consulting at Gartner Group. She spoke about various sales and marketing techniques and deal closure. She not only enlightened us, with her sweet smile and enthusiasm but also shared with us her personal experiences of her with family owned business and entrepreneurship, which kept all of us engrossed to our seats. With her charming face she answered all our questions.

The second speaker of plenary Session II was Mr. Brain W. Kolb. He has been a VP, private banker of JP Morgan Chase for 4years and now a relationship manager in Citibank. Mr. Brain discussed with us about Role of private bankers in business and its scope as a business. His views on IT marketing, was very informative and interesting. He also shared with us his personal experience about writing books and about web building. He was one of the most eminent speaker  of the day who kept us all to the edge of our seats.

The final speaker was MS. Tolu Taiwo , who is currently the executive director at Horizon Pharma Inc. She shared with us her knowledge on Medical Information Management and its scope of business. She also educated us on how do the outsourcing process works and its scope in India. Her speech on KPO and medical management was a complete new avenue for us, which gave us so much knowledge.

Overall this international seminar was an eye opener for each one of the students , very informative and interesting. The students certainly did walk back with a far more knowledge and learning.


Art of the Matter

Excerpts from tête-à-tête with Yusuf Arakkal, a world renowned painter, sculptor, poet, writer with ISBR student Rashi Sharma.

Rashi: How liberating is painting and sculpting to you personally?

Yusuf Arakkal: It is a burden for one’s soul when creative ideas and imagination are being accumulated in mind. The greatest gifts God has given to human beings are creative imagination and the ability to realize it. When the ideas that emerge in one’s mind are realized in some form of other –it could be just a line, a word, a gesture or even humming a note – it is liberating for your soul. After the initial idea is conceived and the first stroke is applied it is hard work and full dedication that leads to a sculpture or painting. The great satisfaction that brings,even momentary is indeed liberating.

Rashi: You say ‘There is an anguished being, disturbed and in distress somewhere deep inside me. A human being who yearns for a meaningful existence.’ Can you elaborate on it?

Yusuf Arakkal: I have gone through indescribable anxieties and anguish in my life, especially as a child losing both parents by the age of seven. That disturbed being is still deep inside me. May be it is this anguish that prompts and contributes to my creativity.

Rashi: We heard that you are writing a book, which is part-autobiographical, part-fictionalized book. What is the novel all about? How has the experience of writing a novel been?

Yusuf Arakkal: I have been writing ever since I had the command of language. While I tried writing in vernacular in the beginning it is English that I settled in. It is in the seventies I began writing professionally after getting a bit of journalistic training from a great journalist – Mr.Abraham Tarakan who edited the tabloid City Tab and ran the Tab institute of Journalism. A number of wellknown journalists like Raj Chenkappa, Allenn Mendonca, Janaki Nair, .K.Meena, A.R.Ramesh and many others came out of this institution in the seventies and eighties. I began writing for Tab. I have published my articles-basically on aspects of art- in most of the Indian publications and periodicals like India Today, Times of India, Illustrated weekly and others. For the last ten years I have been doing a monthly column for Sunday Express. It is this background that prompted me to attempt a book basically based on my life. It is in the process and being shaped up. I do not know how long it would take or how it would turn out. I wouldn’t categorise it as a novel or other right now.

I have been writing poetry for a long time. Have a few published and might bring them out as a collection some time.

For me writing, painting or sculpting is not any different. They are different forms of creative expression and of course it takes different approach to its realization.

Rashi: You are a multi talented and a multi faceted man,you paint, you sculpt, you write poetry and novels. Is that what makes you ‘Yusuf Arakkal’ or there’s more that most people don’t now?

Yusuf Arakkal: I have never tried to categorize myself as I said all these are different forms of creative expression for me. At times it gives me lot of creative satisfaction to sit and write a few words, in prose or poem but there are times that I am compelled to paint or work on a hard stone with hammer and cutter. Most of the time, once the idea is conceived; it is beyond my control. But I also realize that in creativity for its proper realization lot of discipline and technical abilities are required. Without possessing these essential requirements one cannot go on. For example if you don’t know letters, words and its grammar you wouldn’t be able to write. There is a lot others don’t know about me-positive and negative. May be it is all this that make makes me what I am. But in my life I never wanted to be Picasso as I realized that you can only become like him, not him. Then why don’t you try and become you. And that is what I am trying.

Rashi: You won this year’s Raja Ravi Varma Puraskaram,how do you feel about recognition and awards?

Yusuf Arakkal: I have won several national and international awards including the Lorenzo de Medici gold medal and silver at Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art.

I never sought awards and recognitions but many came my way and I am grateful to God about that. Ravi Varma Puraskaram was a recognition I got at my own home so it is some thing special.

In 1983 when I won the national award for my painting I wrote some thing behind the certificate. ‘Success is a disease, prevent it getting into your head’ and this is my attitude towards the words fame and success.

Rashi: Initial days of struggle…how rewarding and gratifying have they been when you look back today?

Yusuf Arakkal: I think the struggle in my life to survive and to become a creative person was the best thing that happened to me because it is that struggle that prompts me to go on even at this age. As a teenager I spent one and half years on the streets of Bangalore. Today I think that was my best University. It taught me what life is and gave me a lot to infuse into my work from that experience.

Rashi: Anything that you would like to tell the young generation of today?

Yusuf Arakkal: I am very proud of today’s generation and the courage they show to go to the unknown and achieve something in life. The future of our country is with this generation. I would like to tell them that there is no easy way. The only way is hard work; struggle to achieve what one wants. The attitude of ‘never give up’.

Rashi: Can you give us some insights of about your son Shibu (a photographer) and your wife Sara?

Yusuf Arakkal: I am extremely glad that my son is a creative person and he has achieved some success in his field. It is satisfying to see he puts up a lot of hard work and initiative into his creative attempts.

My wife Sara is very supportive in my life and on her own she is into art promotion, especially to young and emerging artists by supporting them. Her establishment ‘Galerie Sara Arakkal’ promotes lot of young talents while showcasing the established ones.

 Rashi: Thank you so much Mr. Yusuf Arakkal for taking out your valuable time and speaking with us. It was indeed a pleasure getting to know you.

Yusuf Arakkal: Pleasure’s all mine. Thank you for featuring me in your magazine ISBR Voice.

The Time Ticks 24 x 7

In an interview with ISBR Voice, Times Now’s Editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, talks to Priyakshi Dutta about the importance of staying focused, striving to excel and contributing, in our own unique ways,towards the nation-building process.

Q: Your news channel is understood to be the most popular. How do you ensure it stays so?

 A: We have great responsibility towards our viewers and since we have such a large audience, it has been our constant endeavour at Times Now to ensure we stay completely neutral as a channel. We bring news without any bias or prejudice, in a way that the ethics of journalism are never violated. In our business, credibility and integrity are all that matter. We are honest and credible.That is why we are popular today and that is what, we believe, will help us stay so.

Q: There must always be so much happening inside that newsroom, so much pressure. How do you ensure your team stays motivated and is able to deliver with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment every day?

 A: Television news is one of the most high-pressure jobs in the media industry. Media itself is considered as one of the most demanding of professions. Indeed, it is a big challenge to keep people motivated 24/7, 365 days of the year. I do so by giving my team a clear sense of the bigger picture, by making them believe what they are doing contributes to not just the channel but to the country’s democracy. An independent media ensures democracy remains vibrant and vital. By ensuring our channel remains dynamic, sensitive and spirited, we feel we are doing our own little bit to keep democracy alive. I constantly tell my team, each of them is playing a role inthe development of the nation. I believe that gives them a higher purpose and that purpose is what keeps them motivated.

Q. Being famous is not always easy. Does negative publicity bother you?

 A: It is normal for some people to like you and for some others to not like you as much. When you are a visible person in the television medium, it is natural that with bouquets, there will, occasionally, be brickbats as well. I think that is healthy. It is natural for different people to have different takes on what I do or how I do things. I don’t think I am famous but I do think criticism should be welcome as long as it is healthy and constructive.

Q. What has been your success mantra?

 A: Constantly working hard and never taking the channel’s number one position for granted. I have always believed if you work with the mindset and commitment of a number two, striving for the top slot, it is more likely you will remain number one. The moment you take your leadership position for granted, you will lose your numero uno position. Therefore, I work doubly hard to ensure our audience stays with us.

Q. A word of advice for youngsters?

 A: Watch the news and do everything that you can in your own little ways to ensure the independence of our country’s media is never trampled upon. Media cannot live without people support. The youth of this country should return to watching news in larger numbers. That iswhat will keep media alive and help people like me to do our jobs better.



Six days of wisdom

Entering in the auditorium as complete strangers, and then after the 6th day leaving it as the best of the friends.

Our orientation class started with a formal introduction of each student, where we got to know the different diversities from where we were, people from every corner of India have come to ISBR for pursuing their higher education.

DJ started the introduction with an amazing motivational speech  about “being an eagle not a ostrich” , this was followed by a exercise in which every person has to tell 3 truths and 1 lie about himself . it was really nice to hear, a different exercise just to know the hobbies of the person.

Then DJ explained us what innovative thinking is, and to demonstrate it he told us to make a basic identity and what one can do, many ideas came, like building an online Tecko page, a weekly ISBR news letter, waste management etc.

Then for the second day, DJ teaches us how to boost our confidence and stand in front of the public, he introduced a concept called the ice breaker, where each student have to introduce himself in a different manner, we came to know a vast amount of information, knowledge and experience that one possesses, then he also taught us stage manners and how to represent ourselves.

The next day leadership was the point of concern ,, we got to know the different types of leaders , they are the alpha, omega, beta , social ,inspirational etc ,, and through that we were told to produce a particular play , we were divided into 6 teams.. and we performed it.

On day  we came to know the importance of a team ,, and what is team work ,, we demonstrated it with a play which would constitute of a new and innovative product which would be valid in every sense ,, be it application ,, cost ,, capital ,, usability etc ,,, it was a tough one but we did our best.

The next day was one of the post important topic creativity ,, it was an amazing one ,, we were decided to do a particular play and the time to prepare it only 3 mins , then we were given chits and told to form a thing , be it a pressure cooker , cockroach , dinosaur , it was amazing.

The last day DJ taught time management and then it was time for us to demonstrate what we have done in these days, a FUNCTION that is to be done in less than 15 hours, we were given departments and we worked on that on day 6 we performed it. It consisted of every aspect we learned in these days, DJ directed it beautifully, and we as a team did a wonderful and splendid job.

Thanks DJ and ISBR for such a programme

These were our six days of experience


ISBR Students




Inauguration of ISBR PGDM New Batch

International School of Business and Research, Bangalore had inaugurated its new batch on 3rd of August 2013 at its campus.  The event started with a welcome address by the Director Dr. K S Anandaram who had stressed on the importance of 3E’s Education, Employability and Empowerment.

The Chief Guest was Prof. AnanthRao, Academic Dean, University of Dubai and the Guest of Honour was Ms. Aruna Newton, President ELCIA and AVP of Infosys who had graced the occasion.  Ms. Aruna had emphasized on the attributes of “Versatality” for today’s generation.  In her talk she mentioned that the population of the country has become a demographic advantage.  Dr. AnanthRao had stressed on the importance of dealing with problems in realistic life.  He called upon the students to garner the best during their tenure.  The event came to a close with the Industry delegates from GE-Energy, EXA Sense Labs, Radel Electronics, VXL Instruments, Teknic who had emphasized on important skills needed at this point of time.


The amphitheatre of ISBR never looked better when Megamart and Indigo 91.9 FM came calling to our campus. Lots of color, fun and crazy shout-outs by the students of ISBR and BET kept the tempo going.

Rock the Campus by Megamart is an ongoing campus show to make college life more trendy and happening with their new apparel range. The show started off with an introduction of the host of the day RJ Sriram Sullia of Indigo 91.9FM by Rashi Sharma.

Sriram then took over the show and started the ball rolling with the game called the ‘Battle of the Sexes’, followed by ‘Dance Off’ and ‘Dress up the Mannequin’. The games were thoroughly enjoyed by the students in the cloud cast afternoon of Bangalore rainy season.

All in all an afternoon well spent and to be remembered for a long time to come. Special thanks to two students of  ISBR Ernest Abraham and Udit Gonnade for setting up a spectacular show.


Visit to GE India Industrial Private Limited

The visit to the GE India campus on 10th June’ 13, was a great experience in terms of learning the concepts of Lean Management & Lean principles. The session was addressed by Mr. P. Sritharan, the Lean Leader and Talent Development Program Manager at GE. The concept of Lean Management was explained in the context of process improvements & the way the concept has brought in a difference & helped GE in achieving process excellence & also in improving the productivity at the site. The session was followed by a visit to the site where the components were manufactured. The site visit was an exposure for the students to understand the modern techniques used in the manufacturing. The site visit also brought in an understanding of the various management concepts (HR, Operations, Materials & Operations Management, etc). The visit was followed by a Q&A session by Mr. Sritharan where he addressed the queries raised by the students.

Visit to Bangalore Stock Market Institute

  • Addressed by Mr. Kishore a senior veteran employee working in the field of Stock Market for past many years.
  • Gave a brief summary of The Indian Stock Market consisting of a total of 22 Stock Exchanges at the present with the most recent one being set-up  MCX-SX. Also talked about its regulatory body SEBI acting as a cat-eye to the entire Stock Market.
  • Gave an outlay of the chances i.e. the risk of winning or losing in a Stock Market as an investor. For, out of about a total of 8000 companies altogether chances of winning could possibly be 1/8000=0.000125
  • Pointed on some important  steps required to identify the companies to invest upon:
  1. Infrastructure Analysis
  2. Company Analysis
  3. Financial Reports
  4. Ratio Analysis
  5. Director’s Report
  • Besides these also to look at the “Fundamental and Technical Analysis” by an investor to determine the best time as when or when not to invest on a stock.
  • Listed few Companies that have a stable flair in the Stock Market and low risk to invest upon as:-
  1. Deltacarp
  2. Bajaj
  4. ITC
  5. UB Group
  6. Britannia
  7. Shubh Jewellers
  8. Yes Bank

Finally it ended up with a very lively activity where four of us including me were chosen to act as brokers of Individual Companies listed under the Stock Market hived by a large number of investors (rest of the students) who were to sell and buy shares with respect to change in prices and so on & so forth. Actually the whole framework of this activity was to practically drop us into a field of the Real Stock Market.

Lively session, smartly addressed and something genuine to grab upon.