Everyone wants it but few are bold enough to do what it takes to make that dream a reality. It is the hunger to achieve and to create an impact on the lives of many is what an Entrepreneur possesses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, in a significant speech on his priorities in tackling the economy that, more and more young entrepreneurs should come up with ideas which would help India to become one of the developed countries. He spoke about the “Four Fold Way” to growth “The Green, Blue, Saffron & White revolution”; Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry took an initiative to encourage the young entrepreneurs of the nation to bring about this revolution. They organized the 7th edition of “MANTHAN a Business Plan Presentation Competition” which is a platform for all the students who aspire to convert their dreams into reality.

In this competition two students of ISBR came up with a project about Green Revolution where they used all their classroom learnings about managing and starting a business into reality. They went through rigorous workshops and nerve wreaking elimination rounds over the months to reach their goal. They competed with more than 250 students from different colleges having different skillsets and extraordinary ideas to achieve their dream.

It was a moment of pride for ISBR when the two students of 1st year PGDM, Debjani Bhattacharjee & Ramakanth  Jaiswal went up to be the top finalist of this competition and not only presented their plan of creating “Best from the waste” but also impressed the jury and the top investors to win a funding for their project.

As Late CK Prahlad said, “Entrepreneurs are the new freedom fighters and can lift India out of the shackles of poverty”. ISBR encourages and supports every initiative to convert dream India into a reality.


ISBR Bangalore aims to groom its MBA students in such a way that they are always corporate ready and job-fit. Keeping this in view there was a quiz organized at the campus on 20th April, 2015.

 A Business Quiz contest was held at the campus organized and conducted by Prof. Madhusmriti. The quiz was for an hour wherein the students from both the MBA batches participated in the event. Questions came up from different sectors of Businesses and Economy and global perspectives. The winners of the quiz were the MBA, section B.

Thus the Students were exposed to the core dimensions of Businesses. Events like this always support the students for the betterment of their future.

ADIOS BATCH 2013-2015


“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. It simply means farewell until we meet again.”

11th April 2015 marked the end of a wonderful journey for batch 2013-2015 of ISBR. Dressed up as Angels and Demons, the much awaited event was welcomed with showers, but that didn’t stop them. The auditorium was one hell of an heavenly ambience. The programs for the day included music, dance and games that got everyone involved in the moment, both students as well as faculty. The video prepared brought tears into the eyes of some of the seniors as they reminisced on the wonderful memories they made in ISBR. They were gifted with a memento that would give them memories to cherish for a lifetime. The farewell ended on a delicious note with dinner and soon they bid adieu to a place that will be etched in their minds for a very long time.


“SAMANVAY 2015”, the most anticipated event of ISBR, an event that describes harmony and coordination. It is the Annual Intra College Fest of ISBR which was celebrated from 23rd of March to 28th of March, 2015. The theme was “MINIONS” which are known for their witty nature. All the 11 clubs of ISBR came together to organize this event.

It was an event full of twists, turns and surprises. It tested the participants not only on the EQ and IQ skills but also on the interpersonal skills.

The event initially started with inter-class elimination round where one group consisted of five participants from each class. An event without a twist is not a protocol of ISBR and hence these groups were further divided into five teams where each group had participants from each class. The motive of doing this was to get the participants out of their comfort zone and interact and coordinate with members they were not familiar with.

Teams went through different competition like dance competition, treasure hunt, Banana operation, spell bees and many more. It tested out the physical and mental limits of participants as well as the supporters. The intensity of the competition was so high and nail biting that even supporters came forward to help out their group in mass. 

The event ended with the announcement of the results of the “Best Team” and with a hope to make this event a grand success in the coming years.


ISBR Bangalore, often organizes events to groom its students for corporate exposure. This time, it was a Just a Minute session by Prof. Madhusmriti, where students were asked to speak on topics given to them on spot. The topics were mainly related to their field of specialization. They most debated topics were stock exchange, Sensex, workforce diversity balance, ethics at workplace etc.

The event started off well with all the students showing enthusiasm and active participation in the event. Each and every student was given fair chance to come up on stage and speak on the given topic for a minute. This helped the audience as well to learn and gain knowledge from what all they were delivering through their speech.

The event ended with Sayani Basu and Pankaj Makhwana at the first position, Suyash at the second position and Remya R Pillai at the third position. The active participations showed that students do enjoy such events and are looking forward to more such like this.


Mr. David Heyman, former Asst. Sec for policy at U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and retired software engineer and Andie De Arment, visited ISBR on the 19th of March 2015 for a “Session on Cybersecurity and Internet of things” the event was conducted in association with Indo – American Chamber of Commerce.

During this session Mr.David Heyman discussed about the development of internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data and about the extraordinary potential of the Internet of Things but as every invention has a negative aspect attached to it he told about the negative aspect of Internet of things.

Everything that can be connected to the Internet can be hacked this is where cyber security plays a vital role. He also told about the barriers to their adoption, and how governments and businesses can navigate this new frontier, work together, and re-imagine and transform cities-and nations for tomorrow.

It was an interactive session where we had guests from other organizations as well to make the session more interesting and inspiring.



HR Club organized a workshop on Resume Writing on 23rd Feb 2015.

It was conducted by Prof. Preeja Sridhar.

As preparing a resume is the first step in securing an internship or a job, the workshop included: Basic resume writing skills, Formatting tricks, restructuring resumes, what employers look for?, how to use basic resume etiquette.

“MILAAP” An amalgamation of fun and power.

A platform where people from different cast, creed, culture, nationality, come together as a team to put up an enthralling performance is what we call the “MILAAP”.

On the 20th & 21st of February, 2015 ISBR witnessed its Annual Sports Meet.

It was a two day event with both indoor and outdoor activities like chess, carom, relay, race, cricket tournaments, volleyball, football & tug of war.

The event began in the early hours of 20th February with hundred meters race followed by a women’s volleyball tournament. The day was marked by many indelible moments.

The next or the last day was equally remarkable with a nerve wrecking cricket and volleyball match. The continuous support and encouragement from a huge audience yelling on top of their voice and supporting their team mates was like an energy booster for all the players on and off the ground.

In today’s world when we speak about women empowerment ISBR gave the perfect example of this where girls belonging to first & second year PGDM/MBA not only participated in large number in all the tournaments but also won victory in many of them.

As said by Paul “Bear” Bryant- “It’s not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

A preparation of several months and days by a dedicated team of teachers and students of ISBR to make this event a success is something commendable and goes unsaid and never the less the enthusiastic supporters who made this event to be a true amalgamation of fun and power requires special acknowledgement.




An Intra batch competition was held at ISBR Bangalore between the MBA batches organized by Prof. Madhusmriti. The topic given to them was “Reason for failure of Kiran Bedi and Success of Arvind Kejriwal.”

While batch A stood in favour for “Kiran Bedi”, Batch B on the other hand was in favour for “Arvind kejiriwal”. It had been a very interactive session, where all the speakers spoke too well after much of research work done on these two personalities. Information was passed down to the audience which probably have helped them a lot in gaining knowledge on political grounds.

The debate went well allowing every speaker equal opportunity to put forth their thoughts and ideas.

Students of MBA-A “Pankaj Makhwana” & “Ankit Singh” were the winners of the debate competition. Students are highly motivated and benefitted by programs like these, which help them to think rationally and brainstorm well.