The annual sports day at ISBR business school, organized by the sports club was held at NTTF ground ,electronic city on 4th and 5th of December,2013;mainly focusing on outdoor games.There was an event held on 22nd,23rd and 24th of September,2013 where the sports club of ISBR conducted indoor games like carom,chess and table tennis.The event was christened as “MILAAP” which means bonding and truly a host of activities in the form of games and sports brought together the PGDM and MBA batches,juniors and seniors,faculty and staff and all under the same roof.It was a pleasant break for the students from the hectic schedule and everyone participated whole heartedly and enjoyed the two days to its fullest.

The event was well planned by the executive coordinators who are the student representatives of the sports club assigned specific colors to the teams belonging to specific batches at ISBR which were as follows: RED-MBA(seniors),BLUE-PGDM(seniors),GREEN-MBA(juniors),YELLOW-PGDM(juniors).The ground was hired for two days and all arrangements including first aid,water and food arrangements were taken care of with absolute adeptness.

Among very intense competition in the indoor games,it was team YELLOW that won the carom tournament winning 5 matches and every round was a knockout round.BLUE team won the chess competition defeating team GREEN in which the competition was really very close and the match went on for more than 120minutes.RED won the table tennis final match against YELLOW and the competition was pretty one sided.

The outdoor games began from 9 in the morning and 1st event was 4*100 meter relay(boys) which was won by RED with YELLOW as the runners up.RED team and team BLUE reached the cricket finals.The match was very closely fought and ultimately team RED tasted victory based on Naresh’s last two overs heroics in which he scored 40 runs;thus helping his team overcome the target of 116 runs.Volleyball was won by team BLUE over Team RED which was also a closely contested match.The second day sawteam GREEN win the 4*100 meters relay (girls) followed by team RED. The tug of war (girls) was also won by Team GREEN over Team YELLOW giving the GREENS every reason to celebrate. The final crescendo came with the final of the football tournament between team BLUE and YELLOW pitted against each other which turned out to be an one sided affair as team YELLOW lost the plot after the 1st half. The injuries and on field brawls that took place did not help their cause and they ultimately lost to team BLUE and when the last whistle blew, the score board read 4-1. So the overall championship was won by the BLUE team and the celebrations continued for the entire evening.

At the end of two days, sports club was lauded for their efforts and the show that they put up giving a much needed break to the ISBR family. The sports club at ISBR will look forward to host sports activities at regular intervals to keep us physically sound, provide us entertainment and continue to give us the joy of bonding and togetherness.


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