ABHINANDANA 2K17- Celebrating success of Women Achiever


Abhinandana 2017 @ ISBR

Abhinandana 2017 @ ISBR


“SHRAMEV JAYATE”- hard work always triumphs. ISBR business school, a leading B-school in electronic city is a pioneer of innovation and encouragement to talents. It believes women as basic unit of the society, women builds family, family builds home and home builds the society. Women are the best ones and are iconized by their selfless service. A woman has always kept the esteem of the family and society as homemaker, as an entrepreneur, as a social worker, as leading industrialist, as a talented artist and sportsperson and what not. It should be a pleasure to have women at home not a curse. Recognizing women for their hard-earned work should not be confined to single day. It should be done throughout. This is the main reason why ISBR has been organizing ABHI-NANDANA since seven years and chosen “MAY DAY” as the perfect day to recognize and honor the spine of the society.

ABHINANDANA 2K17 aims the same and It is our pride and honor to have distinguished personalities such as Sri R Roshan Baig (Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development & Haj, Govt. of Karnataka), Smt G. Padmavathi (Deputy Mayor of Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) & Sri M C Dinesh (President Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry) gracing “ABHI-NANDNA 2017” with their kind presence. This event celebrates and honours the accomplishments and contributions of women in world-wide community development. Women, who have excelled and displayed a strong mettle and capability to perform well in any field of endeavour, This ceremony underscores the paramount role played by women in society while appreciating their attitudes, initiatives, will-power and perseverance.

”ABHI-NANDNA” 2k17 was organised on Monday, 1st May’2017 at 11:30 am at ISBR, Bangalore in collaboration with ELCIA, Book Paradise Chambers Academy & Public Relations Council of India. This day witnessed applauded and celebrated professional and personal achievements of not only women who have succeeded in their communities but also women who are taking positive steps. These women inspired and acted as positive role models by sharing their experiences with others who are disadvantaged and are facing barriers to taking steps towards achieving their full potential.

There were five categories of awards namely, Mahila Sabaleekarana Prashasti(institutional award for empowerment of women),Women Of Distinction Award, Shrama Saadhana-The Shining Stars(for achieving success through professional excellence), Shramaramba-The Rising Stars(for achieving success through self- reliance),Araluva Pratibhe-Catch Them Young. Apart from these awards the role of honours for the best women employees was awarded where in companies in and around Bangalore recognised and nominated the best women employees who contributed a lot in the growth of the company.

Canara Bank, Banshankari bank, WISE (women in small enterprises) Mysore supported a lot and representatives of these institutes were nominated for Mahila Sabaleekarana Prashasti.


Smt G. Padmavathi, Mayor of Bangalore

Dr.Arathi Krishna, Vice Chairperson, Karnataka NRI Forum Dr.Vasanthi Srinivasan , IIM Bangalore

Smt. Uzma Irfan, Entrepreneur, Falcon Group

Dr. T. K Anuradha, Scientist, ISRO

Kum. Anushree , Actress and Anchor

Smt. Kauser Nissar, Trustee, AHMET

Smt. Tapati Ghose, Deloitte

SHRAMA SAADHANA Shining Star Award

For Achieving Success Through Professional Excellence

Smt. Aparna Vastarey , Anchor and Host

Smt. Raj Bhasin , Entrepreneur

Smt. Seethalakshmi S , City Metro Editor, Chief of Bureau TIMES

Smt. Jayalakshmi Venkatanarayan,Entrepreneur

Smt. Tara Murali , Diabeta Care

Smt. Harshita D Das, Skill Development

Smt. Pavithra Y Sundareshan, Entrepreneur VINDHYA

Smt. Anuradha Satyanarayana ,Business Coach

Smt. Rita Mahajan , Quantum Energy Therapy

Smt. Kavitha Mishra , Progressive Farmer , Raichur

Smt. Manjula M.S. Tourism Development

Smt. Nayana Khanna, HR Hospitality

SHRAMARAMBA Awards for being Rising Stars and achieving success through self-reliance

Smt. Sushma , Community Service ,Mysore

Smt. Nafeesa Ahmed, Education Leadership, Presidency Group

Kum. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder, Ekya Schools


Kum. Vasudha Murthy, Inspired Thoughts

Kum. Aadya Udupi, Little Champion, Zee TV

The event started with prayer song by little champion ‘Aadya Udupi’. Her lovely voice echoed the auditorium and filled the atmosphere with sanctity. This was followed by lightening of divine lamp by the dignitaries in the dais, followed by the felicitation of dignitaries by college officials.

Dr. C. Manohar(Dean & Director-Strategy ISBR, Chairperson ,Association of Indian Management Shools, Karnataka & kerela) delivered the ABHINANDANA 2K17 genre. He gave a hearty welcome to everyone to the 7th version of ABHINANDANA. According to Mr. Manohar “Real worker is a woman. Generally it is said there is a woman behind success of every man but in today’s changing world every women has a man behind her success.” He further continued, “this process of appreciating women must go-on forever.” Mr. Manish Kothari, Managing Director- ISBR gave his insights about this event and said; “This is a pride and honour to recognise and award the best ones on this special day. The stage is all yours and you deserve it.” Shri Roshan Baig (hon’ble Minister for Urban development & haj, Govt. of Karnataka) was then honoured by garland and shawl. He appreciated the initiative taken by ISBR. He requested the award winners to help the people with psychological disorders as today there are 7% of people who are left homeless due to these disorders and many become prey of pharmaceutical mafia. He further congratulated the awardees and said to keep the spirit up. 

This was followed by presentation of awards where-in the above mentioned awardees were felicitated and awarded by hon’ble minister. This was a moment of happiness, pride, honour and inspiration as this was witnessed by the family members of the awardees. The environment was filled with cheers and claps. Hon’ble minister also unveiled the list of the nominated employees of the companies who were elected on the basis of the performance and contribution. This list included the employees from companies like Karnataka Hybrid, CBS, Verbinden etc. Awards were granted to star invitees too, which included few alumni from our college.

This series of granting awards continued for about an hour.

It was followed by speeches and experience sharing of award winners. Hon’ble Mayor shared her experience “I was completely unaware of what was it going to be. This was the 3rd program which was scheduled. After coming here I realised that this was the best thing ever-done to appreciate and recognise and honour the women power. I hope ISBR continues the same in future too.”

Other award winner actress Anushree expressed her happiness and said “It is because of a father, a brother, a husband etc. that a woman is able to be in a position where she should be. My respect to all the men who supported women in all sort of situations. Thank you ISBR for recognising me. There are many who did even more than I did. There are entrepreneurs, social workers, artists etc. It is a great pleasure to share the space with them.”

Other awardees too had the similar views and they expressed their sincere thanks to ISBR.

Dr. C. Manohar, the magician of words kept the audience engaged and made the day a wonderful one.

The program was concluded by speech of Dr. Karpagam (Director Academics) ISBR, who thanked all awardees, dignitaries and others who made this event happen and turned it to a grand success.

Thus ISBR proved once again its calibre and would look forward to conduct more such events in future which would keep up the pride and honour of the women and would strive for the good and consistent changes which fit to the theme “SHRAMEV JAYATE”.

by -Sreedhar Darba
( Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club)









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