All about Core Management Learning Activities at ISBR

When new graduates of the ISBR management programs have successfully completed their course, they rave about their entire transformation and by that, they donít just mean the curriculum. Theyíre talking about the entire experience, inside and outside the classroom, on and off campus. So when we design the program, we design opportunities for all our students to help them develop and practice those skills during their two years in the program.

Learning at ISBR is all about the perfect mixture of classroom studies, Lab work, Seminars, Projects, and Industry exposure. These activities are a critical part of our program, as classroom learning only takes you so far. The more the learning activities we can create, the more those experiences benefit everyone. In addition to broadening perspectives and expanding knowledge, these out-of-the-classroom conversations can spark new business opportunities.

Find the right place to practice your leadership with ISBRís Core Management Learning Activities.

Continuous Enrichment

ISBR goes all the way when it comes to continuous enrichment. We will make the necessary tactical investments in significant resources to maintain our position, our approach, and our overall level of fineness. It is our aim to serve better education facility and quality than any other B-schools which prepare students for leadership in the topmost companies of the world. Our faculty is highly recognized for their pioneering research and contributions to business management. To put our goals in practice, weíre inclined to always augment our position at the top of the business school worldwide through uninterrupted enhancement and investment in key competitive areas that reflect our values and distinctive characteristics.

Excellence Quotient

ISBR is distinguished by being nationally excellent, research-led and innovative in its provision, and building on the unique opportunities. Our research is always first-rate, a feature that distinguishes us from the others, which enriches the learning experience and enhances the study environment. What sets us apart is our focus, emphasis on teamwork, group learning, excellence is teaching and research and the surpassing support and involvement from our alumni.

Learning Modules

ISBR learning modules will make you adept in academic writing skills, time management, communication skills, decision-making skills, critical analysis skills and interview skills which provide you an exemplary learning experience. Your success in your course ultimately depends on you, but with the unique set of tools we equip you with will help you to successfully launch the next step in your career.

Orchestrating Winning Performance

ISBR takes a step up in providing its students with a gamut of the world’s best business practices and exposure to leading-edge concepts in all domains of business disciplines. Through coursework, periodic self- and peer assessments, one-on-one coaching, Mentorship program, CEO-Talks, Campus to Corporate Programs, continuous evaluation of students and counseling, students get the chance to prepare themselves for the corporate world.

Adventure Learning Programs

We donít believe in confining learning in a classroom, as we prefer demonstrating real-time situations such as understanding teamwork, stress management, decision-making skills, leadership qualities and other skills needed to enhance students for a professional life

Incubation Centre

We develop, explore, and nurture ideas at the ISBR Incubation centre. Students with inventive business ideas and proclivity topursue it on their own are guided and provided support facilities in terms of project reports, idea guidance, brainstorming, project implementation and other such activities. Students are also provided with employment training opportunities and given access to various work environments to familiarize them with the real world situations. This activity is carried out in association with National Entrepreneurship Cell; A Wadhvani Group. Wadhwani Group has been a positive influencer in augmenting students to develop creative startup ideas under the mentorship challenge: Startup Spirits.

The Scholastic Approach

To foster the best educational experience, ISBR has a supportive, close-knit environment, where faculty also assists students outside the classroom. ISBR’s curriculum is predominantly set by a widespread corporate interface, unrestricted knowledge access, and a steadfast focus on future.

Whatís most exciting about these activities is the role of the students: as participants, presenters, and leaders. ISBRís Management programmer more than a degree program. Itís a community.

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