Essential Ways To Improve Your Managerial Performance (A must blog for future managers / management graduates)

Before we come to understanding ways to improve managerial skills, let us first know what management is and what do managers actually do?

Understanding the role of a Manager

As most academic writers explain “Management is the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively.”

One of the most well-known definitions of what management is and what managers do was given by Henri Fayol, a French mining engineer who, in 1916, published a book on management. In it he defined management as a process involving:

• Forecasting and Planning
• Organizing
• Commanding
• Coordinating
• Controlling.

The simple division of a manager’s job into these separate elements remains a powerful idea, although now we would refer to ‘commanding’ as leading.

If you can relate your activities to this description, then you are a manager – even if the word manager is not part of your job title. You may have only one or two people for whom you are responsible, but if you work through them to achieve organizational goals, you are managing them together with the other resources you use.

To manage people requires certain aptitudes and skills. Often, however, the task of managing – especially if you are new to the role – may leave you with little opportunity to consider or analyze what you are doing. You may feel that you are responding to a range of demands without being in as much control of your work as you would like. Many new managers feel like this. At some stage, most managers feel ill-prepared for their role and wonder whether they are doing the ‘right’ things.

Ways to Improve Your Managerial Performance

The absolute measure of managerial success depends largely on how effectively managers help their organization to achieve organizational aims and objectives. Thus, for improving managerial performance it is important that every manager (and employee) knows the purpose of their organization, the purpose of their job and the work-specific objectives they must meet.

To improve your managerial performance, it is very important that you must know yourself better, your strengths and your weaknesses, and those of the people around you. You must know your objectives and have a plan of how to achieve them. There are various ways of doing so. The most common is to rightly align requisite skills with that of a manager’s job and set targets against which his or her performance (or effectiveness) may be measured. This can be done by setting key performance indicators, or KPIs.

You must build a team of people that share your commitment to achieve those objectives, and you must help each team member to achieve their best which will be able to attain a common goal.

Engineers are rewarded for their technical skills but as a manager, your success is measured not by your own output but by the output and productivity of the people you supervise.

Working with others and getting them to give you their best can be just as rewarding as technical accomplishments once you get the hang of it. Here are some key tips that will help you to develop qualities of a good manager. These qualities will also help you in spontaneously improving your managerial skills and to guide your people more effectively.

Improving People Skills
(Know yourself and treat the people around you the way you want to be treated)

The first step towards improving performance for managerial success is to know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, and those of the people around you. You must know your objectives and have a plan of how to achieve them. You must build a team of people that share your commitment to achieve those objectives, and you must help each team member to achieve their best which will help to attain a common goal.

To compliment your managerial performance, develop patience, kindness, and consideration for other people. Respect and accept people for the way they are then only you will be able to motivate them to perform for you.

Avoid being overly critical while delegating task and measuring performance. As a manager, it’s part of your job to keep your people on the right track. And that involves pointing out errors and telling them where they’ve gone wrong. But this does not mean that you yell or always criticize them. Your job is to guide and teach these people not to yell or nit-pick or show them how dumb they are compared to you.

Good people skills is a hallmark of successful managers. It is therefore essential that you keep encouraging the people around you. Instead of criticizing them, forget their mistakes, and zero in on one small thing they do right. Praise them and they will do more things right and discover talents and abilities they never realized they had.

Let them fail. Successful managers know that the best way for their people to learn and grow is through experience and that means taking chances and making errors.

Give yourself and the people around you the chance to try new skills or tasks without overtly looking over. This will let your people know you are genuinely interested in them. And that’s something they’ll really appreciate.

Be Open to Ideas

It is often believed that good managers keep everybody busy at work on their assigned tasks. But if your people are merely “doing their routine jobs,” then where is the scope and space for them to create new ideas and explore new potential. A truly productive team is one in which every member is actively thinking of better, more efficient methods of working to produce a higher quality output in less time, at lower cost.

To get this kind of innovation you have to be receptive to new ideas from your team. Whenever required, encourage them to produce new ideas. A more po¬tent form of motivation is to simply put employee suggestions and ideas to work. Listen to new ideas with an open mind.

A good manager is open-minded and receptive to new ideas.

Give Yourself an Aim to do more

If a manager doesn’t aspire to achieve something or does not have a goal to work towards then his job becomes redundant. His growth stops and he gets bored, unhappy, and unproductive. Organize your work in such a way that you can create enough opportunity for advancement, so that there is a logical progression in your career. Don’t hold back and aim for higher goals and purposes to achieve so that you can put forth your best efforts during all the years.

Better managerial performance help people and organizations in improving their own effectiveness and efficiency. Globalization and rapidly changing technology shows we are in a period of intense competition. Proper management of man, material and other resources is therefore vital in these complex environments.

The performance quality of a manager through his management styles can determine the culture of the organization, its productivity, and ultimately its success or failure. A good manager should thus have the ability to facilitate action and guide change.
Watch out for this space for our next blog on “How to become an effective manager – Developing skills for managerial effectiveness”.


Blind Walkathon in association with ELCIA

On account of observing World Sight Day, annual day of awareness, ISBR CARE- CSR club coordinated with ELCIA ( Electronic City Industry Association) to execute a heart touching unique event- Blind Walkathon from ElCIA complex on 13th October 2017 under guidance of Prof. Shiva Prakash.

The objective of Blind Walkathon was to bring global attention especially of youth on eye donation, blindness and vision impairment. Participants of walkathon were blind folded   and were guided by blind students of Samarthanam Trust to experience how it feels to be blind for a day.

Dr.Alka Jain, Prof .Prabha Kiran, Ms. Yukti Kishore, Dr. Aditi Priya coordinated students throughout the event. At the end of walkathon, participants took the pledge to be sight ambassador. Awareness was spread regarding eye donation along with clarification to general misconception with respect to eye donation that mass of a society posses.

Several other organizations like TUV Reihnland, Celestrum and Institutions like IFIM B School also participated with equal empathy for the cause.

Human beings feel complete when equipped with all? five senses. We felt ourselves incompatible in external world when we were blind folded for few hours.

Akshay Raikwar, from ISBR CARE, CSR club, shared his experience mentioning that he found it difficult initially and was scared when he was bling folded during walkathon. He felt overwhelmed when he interacted with blind students of Samarthanam Trust and found how well they are managing their lives as well as contributing towards their families and society.

Experience is a learning tool which reflects the best to serve society. To be free from superstition, actually enhances inner spirit that generates energy enough to care for environment and social beings.

Contributed by-

Dripta Ghosh

MBA (2017-19)

Writers’ & Media Club


Writers’ & Media Club Event- QFIESTA- In pursuit of a purposeful recreation

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
? Albert Einstein

Knowledge is a powerful and important part of life. Knowledge is a powerful acquisition in life which, when given to someone, does not decrease. To check the knowledge of students and to prepare them for the upcoming challenges in the career and life, ISBR Business School organized a Quiz Competition- Qfiesta as a part of club activity by INSTABLOGGERS- Writers’ and Media club for the students of the institute. Students from both MBA and PGDM stream participated in the quiz with great enthusiasm and spirit.

The quiz was organised in two parts to encourage maximum participation by the students i.e. prelims with 23 teams participating and then final competition for which 6 final teams were shortlisted through prelims. Exuberating, motivating, enlightening and engaging would be perfect to describe Qfiesta of ISBR Business School. The competition was aimed at developing the knowledge and excellence base among the students through healthy and highly motivating meet. The students crammed themselves up with a lot of general knowledge for the quiz. Mazes of intuitive and interesting questions were asked to the students, testing each aspect of the educational knowledge base like current affairs, literature, science, sports, politics, entertainment etc. Six highly different rounds were set up for the quiz. 20 separate questions apart from normal rounds were put up for the audience too. The quiz also had a rapid fire round which made it more exciting for the students and the audience both.

The quiz competition was won by team Fact Hunters while the first runner up trophy was bagged by team Master Minds and second runner up trophy by team Quizzards.

Entire team of Writers’ and Media club coordinated with club coordinator Ms. Yukti Kishore and they conducted the quiz in a very interactive way and made the event a great success.

Contributed by:

Deepika Bisen

(ISBR Writers’ & Media Club)


Tips to Have an Incredible College Experience

College life at ISBR

College days are the most memorable years of one’s life. But you have to put some efforts for ensuring the most out of this wonderful experience. There is a lot that can go in the making of a great college experience. It varies from student to student based upon personal choices.

A holistic college life ensures that you are able to strike a balance between hectic studies and other extra-curricular and co-curricular activities so that you do not miss out on other interesting aspects of an all-round college experience.

Here are some of the things you can follow while at college to ensure a truly memorable experience of life at campus. This list tries to cover all that happens at college, from classes to clubs to sports, so that you can ensure you make the most out of your entire college experience.

To make it different, let us start from the reverse i.e. your living space (hostel room) and then travel back to the classrooms.

Make The Most Out of Your Hostel Life

1.      The first and the foremost thing to ensure at campus is a clean and healthy environment at hostel. Hostels are generally the area where most of the cross cultural learning happen. It is also a place where your interdependence skills are put to test quite often. While you are living in the hostels, it is helpful to keep your rooms set in order to facilitate a holistic learning environment.

As you walk through the hostel premises, stop by and say hello to your seniors or peers from other courses to build familiarity and a spirit of camaraderie. It is an easy way to make friends and welcome people to make conversation and share experiences when they normally would hesitate to do so. Follow hostel rules not just to ensure discipline but to experience a greater sense of responsibility towards the freedom given to enjoy campus life, a trait which will help you to undertake challenging responsibilities as a business leader in future.

 Join Student Clubs and Other Extra and Co-Curricular Activities

2.   Great College experience is an amalgamation of fun and learning. You should plan your schedule to create an interesting mix of fun and studies by joining students clubs and conduits that provide an outlet to unwind and re-energize yourself as well as add value to managerial tools and concepts learnt in the class.  Consider participating in different sports activities to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is also a      great way to meet people and make new friends and build team spirit.

The best thing about life at campus is that it provides equal opportunities of experiential learning to all the students. Although classroom sessions and group assignments are scheduled to keep you busy the whole day, however there is also ample scope to pursue your areas of interest through extracurricular activities and other events organized by the college. During free time, you must make best use of the sports infrastructure available at college. So, on one hand you can rejuvenate yourselves by playing cricket, badminton and football etc. in the college grounds, while on the other hand can keep yourselves engage with student activities to organize exciting events such as quiz, sports tournaments, debates, theatre etc. Involve yourself in at least one major event of your college or do some volunteering work for a social cause. Participation in these activities also help in developing requisite managerial skills. In this way you can spend your favourite pastime in a much more meaningful and productive way.

Enjoy Life at Campus by Visiting Usual Places on Occasions to Hangout 

3.    Hangouts with friends during college days are the most memorable experiences of all. They add to a vibrant college life and create an enabling environment conducive for learning and sharing. A normal eventful day is mostly followed by usual hangouts in the evening after dinner within campus premises. College canteen is also a popular hangout place for boys and girls alike. Many students can be seen chit-chatting around these places before calling it a day. One can witness a carnival like atmosphere in and around such areas wherein everyone irrespective of their courses can be seen enjoying in unison. Such vibrant living in the college builds memories to cherish throughout your life and also helps in creating lifelong bonds of friendship.

Have Frequent Discussions with Your Faculty / Academic Mentors

4.      The bond that you form with your professors is sometimes even more crucial than the ones that you form with your peers. They are like your guardians. The rapport that you build with your professors can be very helpful even after you graduate. Their wisdom and experience can prove to be a guiding light throughout your career. Organize informal discussions with your faculty mentors to know them better.

Make good use of their rich industry experience to solicit guidance not only on subject matters but also to develop requisite skills for performing future job roles. Develop a performance matrix with their help to monitor and measure your progress in college. Take an active role in your learning process both inside and outside the class. Take out some time for after class discussions with your professors. They enjoy post class conversations too. Professors who know you better will be able to help you out more effectively in matters related to personal and professional growth. So, keep in touch with them.

Utilize Campus Facilities to the Fullest

5.     A good campus infrastructure is regarded as an enabler for fostering academic learning and overall development of students. Most college campuses are usually equip with state-of-the-art facilities related to library, sports, computer labs and all other kinds of extra-curricular and recreational activities. It would be beneficial to explore such facilities early to experience an enriching life at college.

Stay Fit, Stay Fine

6.      Over and above all this, for having an incredible college experience and lasting success in career one must possess good health. The road to healthy life is often tiresome but if you want to lay the foundation of a rewarding and long lasting career then you must cultivate the habit of working out every day and leading a routine life. And what best place could it be to start other than your college. A healthy lifestyle in college will surely help to optimize your preparation for a fast-changing world after completing studies. You will feel prepared both mentally and physically to handle any kind of pressure that life throws your way.

The college campus is a place where students come to gain knowledge. It is also a place where all students are provided a level playing field to realize their dreams. Full range of institutional facilities are equally available to all the students across educational streams / programs.

The key to enjoying an incredible college life therefore will largely depend on your ability to think positively with an open mind to make the best use of learnings acquired at college. There will be times when you will be required to adapt to new situations. Classes can become boring if you do not innovate your schedule and fill your daily routine with interesting activities.

Get up and act because you won’t be able to go back in time and undo things later.

So go ahead, embrace your campus time with open arms and make it some of the best years of your life.


How To Improve Your Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

The first step to improve your creative thinking ability is to understand how it works so that you can know where you currently stand in the creative process and how to get to the stage where you aspire to go.

Since formative years of one’s life, much emphasis during school education is given on developing capacities of the left hemisphere of our brain, which is logical, language-based, rational and objective.

The right hemisphere, by contrast, is visual rather than verbal. It is influenced by deep thinking and creative instincts and responsible for shaping non-verbal capabilities.

Eventually, the optimal level of creative thinking will depend upon how best you are able to engage the whole brain by leveraging potential of both the right and left hemisphere activities of your brain function. In fact it is a practical way how any work should be managed using full powers of both the hemispheres. And this is also the trait most companies seek while recruiting management graduates today. Businesses look for creative employees these days.

As per the Corporate Recruiters Survey Report 2017 published by Graduate Admission Management Council (GMAC), “Employers who plan to hire business school graduates in 2017 were asked to designate the proficiency level for 25 specific skills within five broader categories that they would require of a candidate being considered for a mid-level position. Employers ranked the specific subsets of skills in each category in order of proficiency level (from ‘not required’ to ‘expert’). To compare the importance of each specific skill a Standardized Proficiency Rating was calculated for each skill.”

Of the top five ranked skills, four fall within the communications category which is largely a function of the right hemisphere of the brain related to creative thinking abilities namely Oral communication, listening skills, written communication, and presentation skills.

As a matter of fact, most of the prominent companies today highly value problem solving skills that use creative thinking abilities.

So, won’t it be a good idea to familiarize ourselves with the ways to hone creative thinking skills when the matter is related to getting hired by our dream company.

Here are five ways to improve your creative thinking and innovation skills…

  1. 1. Think Different

“Think different” was not just an advertising slogan for Apple Inc. but perhaps a belief in the power of creative thinking that transformed the company into an iconic masterstroke of technological innovation.  Steve Jobs didn’t start treading the trodden path. He did not settle for the contemporary but thought creatively of improving it further like several others did by using their creative faculty to innovate something new and better.

Although there are no fixed formulas / patterns for building creative thinking capabilities, however before attempting to hone creative instincts you should be able to fully understand yourself first – your approach in perceiving / observing things based on your interest, temperament and personality.

This approach will make you aware about your creative thinking process and will prove to be a powerful tool to generate many new ideas for finding ways to deal with unseen challenges ahead.

2. Creative Thinking Requires Practice

Thinking creatively is a matter of regularly practicing your powers of imagination, observation and dreaming. It requires concentration and focus. In this era of information overload and disruptive technology, this important element surely needs some training to develop this mental faculty.

For our mental powers to support creative thinking it is important that we sometimes stay focused on the main task at hand, withholding ourselves from routine actions, so that we can create an enabling environment for the most creative idea to finally come up. In your daily actions, practice spending time on cultivating the habit of imagination which is essential for creative thinking and innovation.

3. Give Yourself Some Time

The next rule of creative thinking is very simple: allocate time for fresh ideas to pop up. Allocate specific time in which you can do some exercises like reading and writing to activate imaginative thinking. Like any other skill, the ability to articulate creatively will only come through practice with patience.

Creative thinking is the most sought after skill these days. And with challenging yourself to practice thinking more creatively daily, you can push your limits to generate novel ways to do things.

4. Creativity Thrives With Limitations

The biggest mistake that people make with creative thinking is their belief that freedom drives creativity.

In fact, it is just the opposite. Constraints and limitations force you to think differently and innovatively. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.

“When you have fewer resources and time, you’re forced to find novel solutions” says Jeffrey Preston Bezos, Chief Executive Officer of, the world’s largest online shopping retailer.

5. Stop When Getting Bored

When your mind is racing but leading nowhere, perhaps it is time to pause and do nothing. At those times you will realize how great it is to create new things, connect the dots, and come up with new ideas. When you have regained your momentum, try doing something you haven’t done before to stretch your limits. This will help you in exploring your true potential to think and act creatively.

The Final Word

Creative thinking is a gradual process of self-discovery. Forcing yourself to rethink the way you usually work requires constant hard work and mind practice. True creativity helps you to often come up with even better solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of before.

By thinking creatively young managers can look for newer ways of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective. It also gives them the ability to break stereotype thinking.

Creative thinking is an important life skill worth developing early. It helps to develop imagination and concentration. Being creative gives you an edge over others and differentiates yourself from the crowd.

Creative thinking helps in all areas of your life. As you start thinking innovatively, you tend to absorb new knowledge and experiences in the process which opens a whole new set of opportunities. When you use creative thinking, you create opportunities all around you.

Creative thinking is one of the most important ways to develop do it yourself attitude. So go ahead and take the initiative to see what path your creative thinking leads you to.



15 Useful Mobile Apps for Every College Student

Mobile App for students

(Check out these simple apps to save time and money, keep yourself fit & fine, and updated with latest knowledge / information)

Managing college life can be fun and a good learning opportunity. Advancement in digital technology has brought many innovative tools to the forefront of academic learning. Besides, it is further aiding college students in managing their lives effectively by using several digital tools. One such innovative and useful gadget is your smart phone and mobile applications.

During student life, the most precious commodity are time and money. Getting your degree is expensive and time-intensive. In this regard, we have tried to accumulate better ways to help you manage both judiciously. Check out these freely available apps that you can download today on your mobile phones and start using them right away. In fact, quite a few of these apps are being extensively used these days for convenience by people. These apps are classified under various categories such as travel, finance, news and current affairs, ecommerce, health and fitness, spirituality and meditation, task management etc.

1. My College App

To begin with, check out if your college has its own app because that will be very useful in getting information about class schedules, assignments and assessments, changes in mess menu or new arrivals in the library or any other college activity / update. Such apps can help in saving tremendous time of students and free them from hassles of unnecessary coordination and communication.

2. Inshorts – News and Current Affairs App

College students are always busy working on projects and class assignments. They hardly have sufficient time for reading newspaper / magazines etc. to know what is happening in the world.  But Inshorts makes it possible for them. College students can now read news content in just 60 words.  Inshorts is a mobile app for content discovery and distribution. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Inshorts aggregates news and other content such as videos, infographics, and blogs, and summarizes them in 60 words or less. As per Wikipedia, “By April 2015 Inshorts app had received more than one million downloads and was one of the highest rated Indian news apps.”

So now you can get latest news updates at your finger tips anytime and everytime you need and the best part is that you do not have to allocate ample time for flipping through pages of newspaper or magazine.

3. MyFitnessPal and Wholesome

MyFitnessPal app focuses on making sure that you follow and maintain a healthy nutrition. During college life most of the students are stuck with unhealthy eating habits having low nutritional value. This app easily quantifies otherwise confusing dietary recommendations. Add a meal or pick one from their database, and it will break down the nutrition facts for you.  At the end of the day, you can know if you got enough of what your body needs with their daily summary. The app also adjusts its recommendations based on height, weight and exercise.

Wholesome is a great app to complement the Calorie Counter, because it gives you a lot more information on different nutrients. You can also learn the best foods and recipes for incorporating them in your diet.

4. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Due to hectic academic life at college your body clock gets disturbed. While preparing for group assignments / presentations you are often forced to have some late night sleep leading to drowsiness in daytime during classes. But with the help of this app you can lessen your drowsiness by taking advantage of your body’s natural sleep cycles. Enter a latest possible wakeup time, and this alarm clock will find the closest time within the 30 previous minutes that correlates to the end of a cycle. You will find yourself waking up more naturally matching the requirements of your body clock.

5. My Life Organized

My Life Organized is the most simple and flexible task management tool. Using an unlimited task hierarchy and the ability to focus on subsections, MyLifeOrganized allows you to build a task management system to suit your needs.

It allows users to break down large tasks to achieve a collection of reasonably sized actions that are easy and unambiguous. Organize your tasks into projects and assign contexts. If required set due date, priority and task order. As per the description available on internet, “Once loaded with your information, MyLifeOrganized goes to work and prepares a simple list containing only next actions which require your immediate attention. This list is updated automatically once you complete a task, change context or move to other location.”

6. Reverso Translator

Another great tool if you’re taking a language class. It’s time you graduated from Google Translate, because Reverso actually gives you vocabulary in real contexts. Now you can really figure out if you mean bonita or bastante (big difference).

7. Google Office apps

While in college students have to do a lot of group projects. Through this app you can use Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Drive that are a must for collaborative learning these days. It makes everyone’s lives easier when they’re accessible via your phone, too.

8. Social Media – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps. For a successful career it is important that every student devotes some time on building valuable contacts right from their college days. This app will also help you to create a strong social and professional profile important for attracting prospective employers. You can post content that can establish your credentials as an expert in a specific domain. Overall, a great app to build a powerful resume.

  1. Dropbox

Thanks to Dropbox, students need not be afraid of losing their notes or important documents. You can upload different files (documents, photos, videos) in the cloud and get them online whenever you need, even if you forget your phone at home. The only thing needed to access your files is an Internet connection.

Store your files in Dropbox, and share them with friends without any fear of losing important and useful data.

  1. Scribd

Welcome to the world’s biggest library online!

Scribd is a digital library and e-book and audiobook subscription service that includes one million titles. Scribd hosts 60 million documents on its open publishing platform. It will help you find millions of different documents and books that are important for your studies. All those data are shared by people from all over the world, and you can easily curate and organize them according to their topic.

Create your own library with different notes, texts, and books that you need. Share them with your friends, and find all the information with Scribd.


This is the perfect application for students who have to read many books on different topics. makes it easy to find the definition of every word you are not sure about.

  1. TED

Watch quality videos of some of the most fascinating and inspiring people from all over the world through TED. You will find an array of interesting speakers from business experts, educators, computer geniuses to music legends, and many more. Inspire your mind with encouraging stories and experience something new.

  1. Snap2PDF

What could be better than converting any file into a PDF with a single click? College students will definitely like Snap2PDF application which is very useful, though easy to use: just take a picture of a need text, and then convert this picture into a PDF file. Simple like that!

  1. E-wallet / Mobile banking : Paytm

Make Instant Digital & Utility Payment, grab latest discounts and offers and let your student life become much easier and hassle free. You can also send money to friends & family using Paytm.

  1. MakeMyTrip

Travel app offering exclusive deals for low cost travel needs of students. A very useful app for instant travel needs.


When you’re a college student, saving time, money, energy and effort becomes essential so that you get ample space to focus on your academics. Some of the above mentioned apps will definitely be of valuable help to you for furthering that objective.

Today, students use different mobile applications not only for entertainment, but for studying as well. So make full use of these apps which can be very informative and useful if you want to keep up with the times and boost your studying process.
















Marketing Carnival is an event organised by Marketing club which brought the organizing, marketing and managerial skills of the students and it laid a platform which allows students to put acquired knowledge into practice.

The event took place on 7th October, 2017.The students played the role of entrepreneurs, geared up business with a limited capital, registering their stalls, marketing their products, finding unique ways of adverting. This process took place for a week and on the day of marketing carnival, students came up with their innovative ideas, products, games like Photobooth, Spin and Win Game, Misalpav, Esprique, Kulkki sarbath, Handmade Artifacts, Secret Admirer, 7 Up and 7 Down, Angry Birds with lovely hugs, Housie and Coin games. Students competed for making high profits and winning excellence certificates. Students were rated based on their ideas, decoration and presention skills by the judges. Finally, the 7 Up and 7 Down was a big hit and made huge profits.

The whole event was designed in such a way to make the students understand the concepts of marketing, business, accounts and its applicability in the real world.

Learning outcomes:

  • ‘Learnt that every business is risk involved and requires some business techniques to be used. Investing without planning is useless’, by Anusha Meda
  • ‘Always plan and concentrate on your target market, that could definitely bring profits’, by Ramya Sativada
  • ‘Learned how to attract customers and how to boost profits’, by Atish Nair
  • ‘Learnt that we have to make Customers not just sales’, by G S Pavan
  • ‘Learnt how hard it was to convince and attract customers’, by Deepak Sharma

Prizes and participation certificates were given to encourage the winners and participants. This was followed by many activities like Secret messages, Paper dance, Balloon dance which was filled with fun and frolic. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students.

Contributed by:

Ramya Satvida

PGDM (2017-19)

HR Club



ISBR business school yet again standing by its core value “Real world Real learning” conducts panel discussion session on the 7th of October 2017 to address the Industrial expectation out of a fresh management graduate in the changing business environment.

Venerable industrial professionals constituted the panel Mr. Minor Ganesan; president,NHRD Hosure Chapter; VP, Page Industries ltd-Jockey.Mr. Vishwas Nandalikar, Director-HR BP, Adecco India, Mr. Guru Prasad Sripathy Bhat,Human Resource Business Partner, Syngene International limited, Mr. Amit kanchanbaras; Lead-strategic business Partner Alliance Aoar people world software, Mr. Keerthi Naik, iWFM Talent Acquisition campus hiring DXC Technology, Mr. Ramesh Ranjan, Founder Human Engineers.

Mr. Minor Ganesan gave the key note speech in which he described the present world as VUCA and matched it with Darwin theory of survival. He stated that the HR fraternity looks for people who have the zeal towards their work.
Future lies in shifting of hiring process from IIM to tire 1 colleges,was explained owing to the employee long term commitment in tire 1 college.

The five panel discussion members represented their respected industrial vertical from banking, phrama,  IT ,HR and retail.
Mr Abbas, Director corporate relation team, moderated and steered the panel discussion while equally letting all the speakers express their views and suggestions. They spoke at length on artificial intelligence and automation being the future, which will create a global increase in demand for managers for its smooth process operation.

When asked which are the top three qualities needed for fresh management graduate to get a job, 3 out of the 5 panel members said,  ” it’s knowledge of changing technology and consistent adapting”.

The discussion let students of ISBR bussiness school to reflect on the skills to be honed in order to match the industrial standards.

The session ended with Dr. Anni arnav presenting a research study on, Skill   development in different sector: A practical model for training and consulting.

Contributed by-

Vinayaka B S ( PGDM 2017-19)